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Review: She Gets the Girl

Hello friends, happy Monday! I hope you’re all well. Today I’m posting my review of Rachel Lippincott and Alyson Derrick’s novel She Gets the Girl.

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She Gets the Girl

She Gets the Girl by: Rachel Lippincott and Alyson Derrick: Molly has spent all of her high school life mostly alone and with a huge crush on Cora Myers. Now that she’s off to the same college as Cora, she’s determined to make some changes to hopefully be able to, at least, talk to her. On the flip side there’s Alex, a girl who knows how to use her charms to get what or who she wants, her girlfriend Natalie just sees her as a flirt. When Molly and Alex meet, they can’t stand each other, but when Alex sees how much Molly likes Cora but has trouble following through, she decides to help her with a five-step plan to get the girl. This was a fast-paced and cute contemporary romance novel. The reader enjoyed getting to know all of the characters and watching them find themselves. The plot was good, but the reader wished it wasn’t so predictable. Right off the bat the reader had a sense of where the story was going and when it went in exactly the direction they thought, it kind of left a lacklustre feeling. That’s not to say this book was bad; it’s not at all, that was just a flaw that this reader felt held it back from being a five star read. Otherwise, the story was really endearing with so many sweet and real moments tucked away within the pages. The plot was so fast-paced and there was a lot of who is going to end up with who. It was such a joy to read about these characters because they were both so headstrong in their own way of doing things. When the two main characters met each other, it was so beautiful to watch them change for the better and to blossom into who they were meant to be and how they bettered each other. The two main characters were so different from one another and that really made for an interesting read because they were the least likely to become friends. They were deeply developed and even the secondary characters felt deeply engrained into the story. They didn’t feel like characters added for plot progression, for the most part, they genuinely felt like part of the story. Overall, this was a touching read about finding yourself and finding your people; the ones who will cheer you on. This was a highly recommended read.


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