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Review: Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Hello friends, happy Monday, I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m posting my review of Leigh Bardugo’s novel Wonder Woman: Warbringer.

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Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by: Leigh Bardugo: Diana is a Princess of the Amazons who just wants to prove herself and be seen as worth something compared to all her sisters. When she’s given the opportunity, she ends up failing to save a mortal – but was it truly a failure? Alia Keralis just wants to get away from her overbearing brother, Jason. Not realizing that people are after her because her existence can cause a world war due to her direct linage to Helen of Troy. In order to save both the mortal and the Gods world, the two must come together to join forces to fight against enemies to try and destroy the powers of the Warbringer. This really surprised the reader. This reader isn’t familiar with Wonder Woman’s story and that’s probably what helped them like it as much as they did; they had nothing to compare it to and so there were no preconceived notions of what to expect when reading it. Going in with this clean slate really helped this reader connect with the characters in a way that felt special. The plot was a lot of fun to read, every time the reader thought they knew where the story was going, it would take a bit of a turn and that was enjoyable; then the complete turn before the end threw the reader really good and wasn’t seen coming. It was an entertaining rollercoaster of a ride that they would gladly go on again. The characters were so well done; our main character, Diana was just so cool and collected, even when she didn’t feel like much, she was such a strong character and seeing everything she had to go through and face made her an even stronger and compelling character to read. Jason was horrible to read from the beginning and truly didn’t get any better throughout, but the way Bardugo wrote him, didn’t have the reader seething with anger and he didn’t ruin the book. Usually when characters are so unlikeable they can truly ruin a reading experience, but he somehow didn’t and the way this all ended really felt justified and well worth everything we went through. Bardugo’s writing through all this was just so brilliant; it left the reader with this warm, feel good feeling, it’s hard to explain it, but this was just such a fun, good read. Overall, this is highly recommended.


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