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Review: The Someday Birds

Hello friends, happy Monday, I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m posting my review of Sally J. Pla’s novel The Someday Birds.

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The Someday Birds
The Someday Birds

The Someday Birds by: Sally J. Pla: All Charlie wants is for his life to be as simple and predictable as possible, but when his father gets hurt on the job, he’s transferred across the country for medical treatment. Reluctant to join his siblings who want to travel to be with him, he joins the less than smooth journey and along the way wishes to spot all the birds he and dad planned to see together, in the hopes that this will make everything ok. This novel was full of adventure and facing your fears in the face of a crisis, and of course birds. It was such a cute story that had the reader fully engaged. The road trip aspect was fun and seeing the different places the characters went as well as the different things they encountered along the way was exciting. The plot’s pace was perfect; it wasn’t too fast nor too slow it moved at the perfect rhythm to follow along and get lost in. There were moments throughout were each of the characters grew annoying to read, but in the end they were all created with this deep founding love for each other and the way this novel played out really showcased that. Through all the rough things they were dealt, they all continued to persevere and show up for one another. That was one of the greatest things about this was how the characters really came through and cared for each other. Even though this novel was short, the amount of details we were given really helped to visualize everything; from the different places they went to the background on the characters, the author wrote with such detail that created this picture for the reader. This didn’t feel bogged down with details or purple prose, it was the perfect amount to get everything she wanted to get across out there. The autism rep was good; it felt real and authentic to a middle grader and their siblings. Overall, this was a touching novel that was sweet, full of heart and adventure.  

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