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Review: Into the Water

Hello friends, happy Monday – I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Paula Hawkins’ novel Into the Water.

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Into the Water

Into the Water by: Paula Hawkins: The past can come back to haunt you. A single mother, Nel, is found dead at the bottom of the river, the same way a fifteen-year-old, Katie was found a month before. As truths start to come forward, it’s realized that they aren’t the first women to show up dead in the same spot. Now, secrets are going to come to light. This was such a rollercoaster of emotions and full of chilling suspenseful moments. The plot was so intricate in the way Hawkins weaved all her plots together. The reader had to be careful, if they weren’t paying attention, they were bound to miss something. Plots moved really fast and points of view changed rapidly that there was never a chance to slow down and catch a breath. The fact that there were so many points of view really had the reader struggling to keep up and figure out who was who and who was related to who; it was really confusing. Once past the first a hundred pages or so the shifting of views started to become more natural but it definitely took some getting used to. As for the actual plot of the story, it was interesting and intriguing. The fact that there were so many voices that contributed to the overall story arc helped with the intricacy of it all. The reader really liked how complex the plot was and how we really had to put everything together, they just wished it had been a little easier to follow. As for the characters, they were all so different from one another and each had their own voice that made them memorable, some more so than others. The reader appreciated all the different characters, even if some got under their skin. Hawkins is really good at writing and creating characters who are not likeable; she does it so well. There is so much depth to their unlikableness that really has them stand out. All in all, this was a good novel full of questionable characters, with suspicious motives and secret pasts.

3 thoughts on “Review: Into the Water

  1. Not sure I would enjoy the chaos of so many POV’s here.. I did recently get my hands on ‘A Slow Fire Burning’ though so I am looking forward to reading that in the future. Have you read it?
    Great review and thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I have to say, it’s pretty messy but it does get manageable if that makes a difference for you. I haven’t read that book, this is my first Hawkins book but I think I’d be open to reading more from her. I hope you enjoy A Slow Fire Burning!

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