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Review: The Consuming Fire

Hi friends, happy Monday I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of the second novel in John Scalzi’s The Interdependency trilogy, The Consuming Fire.

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The Collapsing Fire

The Consuming Fire by: John Scalzi: The Flow is still under collapse and humanity may go with it unless something drastic is done to stop it. Emperox Grayland II is prepared to take all measures necessary to avoid this happening, but of course not all believe that the Flow is even falling apart. Now, as well as preparing to repair the Flow, a civil war may break out and Grayland II must be ready for war. For a second novel, this was done really well. The plot wasn’t as intense and interactive as the first novel was, but there was enough here to keep the reader invested to find out what would happen next. This novel really focused on all the characters and getting them into the right spot for the final book. At first, the reader was surprised how short this was, but it was mostly filled with planning than it was with actual action, and that’s okay because now we won’t be left wondering when it comes to the end. This was still really well written, and a step above the previous novel in terms of women’s bodily functions; this strictly stuck to the story and everything felt like it had a purpose. The characters went through a lot and all the surprises that kept coming were so strategically placed; these characters were badass and the reader couldn’t help but enjoy reading and falling in love with them. Scalzi has made them all so bold and we can really see them coming into themselves in this book. The reader is curious where the final novel will take them because with each new adventure or element thrown at them they seem to get better and better. The way this ended was pretty exhilarating and leaves the reader very ready for what is going to come.

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