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Review: Rich Girl, Broke Girl

Hi friends and happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a good week. Today I’m posting my review of Kelley Keehn’s book Rich Girl, Broke Girl.

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Rich Girl, Broke Girl

Rich Girl, Broke Girl by: Kelley Keehn: This book breaks it down and takes a good look at learning your financial literary. From learning the lingo, to understanding how stocks work to understanding saving and investing. As much as this book was geared towards women and their money, this can be read by anyone who is just starting out to learn about their financial literacy. Keehn really broke it all down and made it really simple for the reader; this made it an easy read and easy to comprehend. The anecdotes, as well some of the charts and pictograms really helped to visualize everything that she was talking about. Not every situation will resonate with the reader but it was still good to read, either as a refresher or as something to avoid. This is just a short read, coming in at just over 200 pages, and is a great place to begin reading if you’re just starting out with your money, want to know more about your money or just need some quick tips. For people who already have some form of financial literacy, this was more of a recap of things to keep in mind and to continue doing, or not doing. Overall, this held a lot of useful information for anyone looking to give simple explanations without truly deep diving into all the different scenarios, but an overview glance.  


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