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Review: 100 Hours

Hi friends, happy Monday – I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Rachel Vincent’s novel 100 Hours.

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100 Hours

100 Hours by: Rachel Vincent: Six teens decide to take a trip to the Colombia jungles, just when they start to get on each other’s nerves, they are kidnapped and held for ransom. If their kidnappers don’t get what they want, not only money, but shipping bombs into the U.S., their lives could be at stake. Filled with secrets and lies and a lot of drama, this novel was really fast-paced but lacked substance. The reader felt that it took a long time to get into the story; there was a lot of set up that felt useless. There were also a lot of moments where we’re supposed to be shocked, but it didn’t really feel that shocking; if anything some of the twists felt predictable and at times cheesy. The reader could see the author really try to make this novel as intriguing and thrilling, but it just fell flat. There was potential for this, but it just didn’t reach it. The characters felt really hallow; the author made them feel so stereotypical that it was hard to find them likeable or to care what happened to them. The dialogue between them was also really hard to read because none of them seemed to like each other, and maybe everything that happened was supposed to bring them together, but it didn’t really feel that way. This obviously ended on a cliff hanger for the sequel, but the reader is unsure if they care enough to find out what happens to any of them. In the end, this was a decent thrilling read.

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