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Review: Clap When You Land

Hi friends, happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a good week! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Elizabeth Acevedo’s novel Clap When You Land.

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Clap When You Land

Clap When You Land by: Elizabeth Acevedo: Camino is ready to spend the summer with her father; he’s on a plane to visit her in the Dominican Republic, but when she reaches the airport she’s met with despair. Meanwhile, in New York City, Yahaira has been called to the principal’s office where her mother is there to tell her, her father has died in a plane crash. These two girls who have been separated for years are soon brought closer as both their worlds are altered forever. Just when they think they’ve lost it all, they realize they have each other. This was such a moving story; it was so hard to put down because the reader wanted to know what would happen next. The pacing was fast, which really kept the reader in the story. The way this was told in verse gave it that extra layer of raw emotions that plain text just wouldn’t be able to convey. Acevedo has such a way with words, not only can she capture true feelings but her descriptions of places and foods just painted this beautiful picture for the reader. This was based on a real plane crash and Acevedo gave a voice to the people whose lives were affected by this tragedy. The reader not only loved the story but the characters too. Getting the dual point of views from each sister really enriched the story and made it whole. These two characters who lived such different lives, yet had so many similarities that the reader couldn’t help but love them both as we got to know them. They were so well developed and full of life, even in their grief. The details that we got really made them feel real. Overall, this was such a beautifully told story of grief, forgiveness, and love.

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