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Review: The Insiders

Hello friends, happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a good week so far! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Mark Oshiro’s novel The Insiders.

The Insiders

The Insiders by: Mark Oshiro: Héctor Muñoz is about to start a new school in a new city; a city that is very different from what he’s known. He’s never been afraid to be himself, but now in this new environment, he’s bullied for being gay and his fashion choices. One day, when it gets to be too much, he finds a mysterious room that gives him what he needs. On the flip side, it gives two other kids what they need and the three form a bond as they help each other out. This novel was heartbreaking at times, but truly full of heart at its core. The story was magical and watching the characters come together to fight off bullies and injustices that are happening in their schools was so powerful to read. These characters were so open and raw, watching them live out their true authentic selves was inspiring to read. They were strong and well thought out; they felt so real from the three main characters to all the secondary ones. The support systems the kids had was so heartwarming; the reader truly loved reading of loving, accepting parents and adult figures in these kids’ lives. The plots well done; they were touching and uplifting and left the reader wanting more. The pacing was just right, it wasn’t super-fast, but it wasn’t super slow either; it really helped move the story and let the reader absorb the world as well as get an understanding of the magical room and our main characters. The way the title of the book came into play was so brilliantly done; the reader wanted to scream with joy because it was just so perfect. This was such a beautiful middle grade novel on the power of friendship, acceptance and knowing you’re not alone.

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