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Let’s Talk About… You Season Three

Hi guys, welcome back to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to talking all about the third season of Netflix’s You.

And we’re back for another season. It’s hilarious Joe living the suburban life and being a father because it’s so not his style.

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Love gives birth to a boy… Joe is upset because he was planning on having a daughter; he was so ready to protect her… now he has to learn to protect their son… who they name Henry but call Forty because Love and her mother (I’m thinking mostly her mother) think he’s her twin brother, Forty reincarnated.

This suburban town they’ve chosen to live in is, wow, judgy and mean and clique-y – it’s gross and I hate it. Love is trying to fit in, but it is so not going well.

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So at the end of last season we saw Joe ogling the neighbour and now we meet the neighbour… Natalie. Joe seems somewhat interested in her, but she’s 100% coming on to him, but he actually says no.

Love really meets her at a neighbourhood party and they chat; Love brings up her love for baking and wanting to open her own place and that’s when Natalie says she has a space that’s perfect.

Apparently this space hasn’t held a permanent tenant so it’s seen as bad luck, but Love forges on.

When she’s taking out her baking equipment she happens to find Joe’s box of things he collects when he has a new obsession and it’s full of Natalie’s things.

When Natalie shows her the space in a fit of rage, Love kills her with an axe. Geez, poor Natalie didn’t even last one episode.

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I like that after that, she calls Joe and says they have to go to couples’ therapy. I mean, I think it’s working for them. Obviously they aren’t going to spill everything and they talk in metaphors, but I think it’s helping them work together and to become a team.

They tell each other they would kill for each other, so what do they do… they build a new glass cage in the basement of Love’s new bakery.

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Joe at first is enraged that he has to clean up Love’s mess; there is no time to plan so of course he has to think fast. But Natalie’s husband is super techy and has everything tracked… including her wedding ring… which means they have to go and remove the ring and rebury her. God these two.

Psychoticful — Theo Engler and Love Quinn in You Season 3.

We also meet Natalie’s husband’s step-son, Theo. At first we don’t know that’s who he is, we meet him in the grocery store parking lot where he flirts with Love. Even when Love goes over to see if the husband suspects anything is wrong with his wife, Theo comes to the door being seductive.

So Henry gets the measles and so of course this brings up the whole unvaccinated topic which is a very hot topic right now. I thought it was interesting that they decided to take a hit at the measles and not covid; the show does mention covid, but we’re in a future where it’s behind us. I’m not really sure where the show planned to stand on this, if they’re for or against vaccines (probably for). I’m thinking it’s for because we’re led to believe it was Joe who gave him measles because he gets them too and because of his childhood he can’t be certain if his mother got him vaccinated.

Turns out it was someone at a party. Gilly comes into the bakery and apologizes to her for what his family might have done. That’s when, on his way out, she hits him over the head with a shovel. So I’m like, are we going to kill off everyone in this town? That seems a bit extreme, I mean, you could just move, but what fun would that be for this couple?

I thought he was dead, but no, just knocked out…locked in their cage.

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Gilly tries to negotiate with them to be let out but they can’t just let him go, he’s 100% going to go to the cops so they need dirt… and they find it… only Gilly wasn’t aware of the dirt they found. They find out his wife paid off a girl’s family who their son assaulted and made it look like a charity donation. He’s so sick with himself that he hangs himself in the cage.

This changes everything, so what do Love and Joe do, they adapt. They plant Natalie’s murder weapon in the forest to be found by the search party (which is god awful because it really looks more like a photoshoot for these people of the town, gag. Theo has every right to get as pissed as he does) and they frame Gilly. I’m sure something is going to go wrong.

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So Joe has gotten himself a job at the library, but of course. But also the girl who works at the library, Marianne, is starting to become his new protégé… and he’d beginning to stalk her. Great.

So now both Joe and Love have secrets. Marianne is Joe’s… Theo is Love’s.

The freakin’ guy won’t go away, he’s such a creep. “I’m flunking out of school because I can’t stop thinking about you” then they go and have sex, well great.

The whole Joe in the wild was an experience. The concept of going out to become a “man” and kill things was archaic. I honestly thought he was either going to completely flunk that or kill someone… and he almost kills the ring leader who I can’t be bothered to remember his name because gosh he’s such a douche, ugh. But instead the guy respects him for almost killing him, claiming he “can’t be killed”. Alright then.

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I also find it fascinating how much this move to suburbia has triggered his childhood. Love reminds him of his mother sometimes, the people he’s forced to make friends with in the neighbourhood are like the kids at school, very fascinating.  

See, I knew it would come back; Matthew, Natalie’s husband doesn’t think the case is closed. We find out via Theo that his father has hired a PI to investigate the neighbourhood.

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So now Love and Joe have to come up with a plan, a plan that will give both of their secrets time to blossom. Love tells Joe that Theo has a crush on her and she’ll use that to find out more… and leave her room to continue seeing him.

Meanwhile, this will keep Love busy so she won’t find out about Marianne and his growing attraction to her. We do also get more backstory in her; she’s a recovering addict and Joe realizes that he has a pattern… he goes for people with issues because of his mommy issues. I find it fascinating how self-aware he is about that.

While both Love and Joe realize that they aren’t each other’s soulmate I’m interested to see where that goes.

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Love does have a drunken night where she sees Forty and she realizes he is her soulmate but now that he’s dead she doesn’t know what to do. 

I was wondering where this swinging plot was going to go… it’s gone bad.

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Sherry and her husband Cary (of course their names rhyme – he’s also the guy who took Joe into the wilderness to bring out his manly side). Anyways, Sherry talks Love into trying swinging to spice up their marriage. At first Love wasn’t sure, but then Joe talked her into it because he thought it would make their marriage implode and then he could be with Marianne… geez.

Well, they try it… but it doesn’t go so well because while Joe is getting it on with Sherry, Love knows he’s thinking about someone else, she just doesn’t know who. She puts a stop to everything and they go and have a yelling match where she lets it slip she killed Natalie for him.

Now is the question, did the two upstairs hear it… oh yes, they try to make a run for it… but they are no match for these two pro killers. I always think they’ve killed their victims… nope just knocked them out and locked them in their cage. But are they thinking of letting them go? I don’t see that happening.

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Meanwhile, their neighbour Matthew is so far gone down his rabbit hole. We see that he found something in his millions of cameras of the town, but we’re not quite sure what it is. Then when Theo tries to sneak he also sees Joe with what looks like Natalie. So we know that Matthew is on to them. He also completely flips at Theo about what he’s doing with Love, which okay, rightfully so, but he yells at him to leave and live with his mother, geez, uncalled for.

Also, why do we need another douchebag character? We’ve been introduced to Marianne’s ex; Charles was it? He’s a junky who is still on drugs but pretends to not be and the two are battling it out for custody of their child. Joe is trying to do everything he can to help Marianne, obviously. I just can’t stand the smugness of her ex.


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Holy shit! So first, back on the Marianne plot, Joe finally gets with her and he finds out that her ex got custody of her kid, so obviously Joe is out to end him, and he’s successful with that… because if wasn’t, Marianne was going to leave and follow her ex to New Jersey to be closer to her kid… and Joe couldn’t have her slip away like that.  

THEN, we have Sherry and Cary locked in the basement. They’re obviously trying to negotiate for their lives so it’s Sherry’s idea to use her blog to post about Matthew’s illegal use of the cameras in their town. That way once the police find out, he’s out of the picture, no one will know who really killed Natalie.

You know, I feel really bad for Matthew because he’s got everything right, even down to Joe dressing up as Natalie in the video, but only he can tell it’s not her, the other person he’s showed it too thinks he’s grasping at straws. 

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We also find out that what Theo saw was Joe being violent so now he thinks Love is in danger and he wants her to run away with him, good gosh. Theo happens upon another surveillance video and he’s dead set on thinking Joe killed Natalie – so much so he’s off to look for Love to save her.

Oh boy, what he finds. If Cary hadn’t of shot the gun (as Love’s game was whoever touched it would have to shoot the other, leaving one of them to survive, because their marriage is so strong) Theo never would have gone and broken into the secret room. 

When Cary shot the gun to try and break out of the cage, the bullet bounces and hits Sherry in the ear, damn. Now they are against each other.

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Dear god was that terrifying. Theo wants to help them out, but he ends up running into Love… who she talks him into leaving… only to freakin’ hit him.

Geeeez the way she hits Theo and it takes him across the room and down the stairs, holy crap!

Oh, Theo is still alive… and Joe doesn’t kill him, interesting. Instead he takes him to a hospital.

Sherry and Cary’s true colours are really shining through in their cage, but it does also somehow bring them back together.

Love is such a complex character because every time I think I get her… I don’t.

When Marianne’s ex’s murder is trending on Twitter and the whole town is talking about theories about who did it, that’s when Love figures it out… also she found the bloody t-shirt and she realizes it… he loves someone else.

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So she brings Marianne over and basically tells her to run. Marianne asks why she doesn’t get out herself is Joe is that manipulative, but Love says she’s too far gone. So bye, bye Marianne… for now?

We find out through Love’s mother that she killed her first husband and Joe didn’t want to end up like that guy, but he does want out of their marriage. Joe’s dream would be to take Henry and run away with Marianne and her daughter, but alas that is not what happens.

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It looks like Love poisons Joe and then of course Matthew finds him, but doesn’t kill him… but he does find out where Theo is. I feel like Theo could be a loose cannon for the future, but I guess we’ll see.

Wait, so Love didn’t poison Joe? He did it to himself? So that he could get back at Love? WTF? He had all this planned, I don’t know why I’m surprised… but I am.

Right when she’s about to chop his head off, he poisons her with a drug that will slow her heart. I kept waiting for her to wake up and attack, but she never did.

Instead, he had this elaborate plan. He takes Henry to live with Donte as he and his husband were trying to adopt, but it wasn’t going well, now they have a son; I think that’s the best for Henry.

You' Renewed For Season 3 - Fangirlish

Then he goes back and bakes a pie… and then cuts off his toes… WTF! When he cut his toes off, OMG gross but I had no idea what he was doing that for. But it slowly started to make sense. He did it to fake his death… because then he lights the house on fire… burning Love to a crisp.

The Taylor Swift song at the end was pretty fitting.

Omg that note he writes pretending to be Love felt so Dan Humprey/Gossip Girl.

We get a where all the characters are a year or so later. The only one I cared about was Sherry and Cary, they found a key in one of the ingredients that freed them… and of course they turned their experience into a TED talk.

Wow, the show ends with Joe… in Paris… looking for ‘you’ which I think is to mean Marianne… but I guess we’ll find out next season. 

This was such a wild season… I think the wildest yet, but I’m excited to see where the show goes in season 4.

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