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Review: The Sleep Solution

Hi friends, happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a great week! Today I’m going to be posting my review of The Sleep Solution by: W. Chris Winter.

The Sleep Solution

The Sleep Solution by: W. Chris Winter, MD: This book was a fascinating introduction into the ways we sleep and what can attribute to bad or poor sleep and how we can make it better. This was definitely a good starting point for anyone who is curious about their sleep or sleep in general. As someone who believes they don’t have sleep problems it was still really interesting to read about quality sleep and how to achieve this. This book proved that there could be room for improvement in everyone’s life for good sleep. Some of the explored topics in this book were the benefits of sleep, sleep stages, insomnia, sleep aids and sleep habits to name just a few. For such a short book it did pack a lot of information in, but it also felt like topics just scratched the surface, which is why this felt like a starting point to begin learning about sleep. It was definitely educational in a friendly manor. Dr. Winter had a very personal way of explaining more complicated terms to his readers and helping them better understand the science behind sleep. He talked in a conversational tone so it didn’t read like a textbook. Sometimes the added anecdotes or jokes didn’t really land well. The reader found that there were times when a side note didn’t really need to be added, it was just there to be funny and that took away from the topic at hand. The reader got it was to lighten the mood, but sometimes the mood didn’t really need to be lifted. That aside, this was still a captivating and quick read.

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