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Review: The Perfect Stranger

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Megan Miranda’s novel The Perfect Stranger.

The Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger by: Megan Miranda: Leah Stevens is looking to start over. After losing her job in Boston from the local newspaper she runs into her old roommate, Emmy Grey, and the two start over in Pennsylvania. Not long after they arrive, a girl who looks like Leah is assaulted and Emmy goes missing. It’s not long before Leah realizes how little she knows about Emmy and that these two incidences may be related. This novel was definitely action packed and fast-paced. The writing was really good; Miranda’s descriptions of places and people were vivid and detailed that made the reader feel like they were right there with the characters. The plot, for the most part was good; the reader could follow along with everything happening, but the author had set up two story arcs and then tried to get them to merge but it didn’t always come together as perfectly as it could have. This left things kinda messy and the reader was left a bit confused as to how things were connected. By the end, the reader wasn’t really surprised about who the perfect stranger was and how they played the integral role in everything, as they had figured it out pretty early on, it was moreso trying to figure out the motives, which again weren’t truly surprising. The characters were definitely intriguing and we got a backstory on pretty much everyone so it really felt like the reader knew these characters well. Everyone was so fleshed out, yet they all seemed to have some sort of secret to hide that made them all suspicious of something and that any one of them could be guilty. In the end, this was a compelling story with questionable characters that really added a layer to the thriller plot, if only it had been a little more suspenseful.   

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