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Review: Radio Silence

Hi friends and happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a good week so far! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Alice Oseman’s novel Radio Silence.

Radio Silence

Radio Silence by: Alice Oseman: Frances spends all her free time studying so she can get into her top university, but when she’s not studying, she’s creating art for her favourite podcast, Universe City. When the creator asks her to collaborate, she’s beyond words. No one knows who the creator of the show is, but once night she discovers that quiet Aled is and the two begin to form a friendship. But when Aled’s identity gets revealed, Frances fears this could be the end of the show and their friendship. This novel was a roller coaster of emotions; one minute the reader was happy for the characters, the next they were sad for them. There were so many ups and downs in this plot the reader had no idea where the story was going to go. The whole unpredictability to a story we’ve all read a hundred times gave this a fresh spin and breath of life. The reader really enjoyed the whole Universe City storyline; it was such a brilliant way to weave the character’s real life with their fantasy life. Even though we only get snippets of the show, the reader was so invested in this made up universe. The way this was told, the reader found odd at times. It flipped between a past tense and present tense that was questioning as to when this story actually was taking place. That was a bit confusing, especially in the beginning, but as the novel went on, it did get better. That was the only thing the reader truly didn’t like; everything else was done so masterfully. Even the representation in this was just so well handled; it shimmered without taking over. This at times felt lonely to read, but watching the two main characters find each other, then lose each other, only to ultimately find each other in the end made it less lonely. The characters were so rounded, so well developed; they truly felt like friends. Watching them as they realized their true potentials and watching them shine as they found themselves was such a beautiful coming of age story. Overall, this was a very fast-paced, well told story with dynamic, fun, loveable characters.

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