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Review: Frost Blood

Hello friends and happy Monday, I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of the first book in the FrostBlood trilogy, Frost Blood by Elly Blake.

Frost Blood

Frost Blood by: Elly Blake: Ruby is a Fireblood, hiding her abilities in her Frostblood home. When her mother is killed protecting her, she comes out of hiding to get revenge on the king. Just when she starts her training with the Frostbloods she’s kidnapped and forced to participate in king’s tournament that sets the two against each other. The world building in this novel was really interesting; the reader really liked the concept of how frost and fire play a role in coming together and tearing apart these realms. The plot was really fast-paced and the reader appreciated how quickly they were flying through the pages and the story. This was a really easy fantasy story to follow and the twists and turns, especially near the end made for an intense, yet fun reading experience. The romance plot the reader could take or leave; it did move some of the plots along, but it really didn’t do or add too much to the overall story. The characters felt a little two dimensional; the reader hasn’t really warmed up to them yet, but hopefully in the coming novels we’ll get to see them develop and grow a little more. Overall, for a first novel in a trilogy, this held the reader’s attention and has them invested to see where the story progresses.

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