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Review: Miss Kopp Investigates

Hello friends and happy Friday! I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of the seventh novel in the Kopp Sisters series, Miss Kopp Investigates by: Amy Stewart.

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Miss Kopp Investigates

Miss Kopp Investigates by: Amy Stewart: The first world war has ended and all three sisters find themselves back home and mourning the death of their brother. Left to pick up the pieces they all must find something to do to keep the land they live on afloat. This leads Fleurette to take a job acting as the other women in divorce cases. But when a client’s behaviour strikes Fleurette as odd she becomes an amateur detective just like her sisters. This is the seventh novel in the series and the reader could kinda feel the story starting to tire out. It did turn itself around by the end, but this one started off slow and just continued to progress in a slow fashion. The story ended up being really gripping and fascinating, but it took a lot to get into it. The reader did enjoy that this instalment revolved around Fleurette; in past novels we get shared time between the sisters, but this one seemed to be predominantly Fleurette and what her future holds after her singing career has been ripped from her. The reader also liked how this plot then entwined with her sisters and how it all came together in what the Kopps will do next, which the reader is excited to read about. Even though these are characters that we know and love, there’s always something new to learn about them and the situations they find themselves in this time around really proved that. We could see that Fleurette was starting to grow up and to understand where Constance comes from a little more than she did before. We also got to meet Bessie, who’s been a secondary character throughout this series, a little bit more. Even though this novel wasn’t as great as previous novels, this still held a lot of elements that the reader holds dear to this series.  

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