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Let’s Talk About… ER Season Fourteen

Hi friends, welcome to TV Tuesday. Today I’m back with season fourteen of ER.

Here we are, fourteen seasons in, what can possible happen that hasn’t happened before?

ER - Season 13 finale - neela sofre acidente - YouTubeWell, we start our season with trying to find Neela after what happened at the veteran’s rally in the park. Tony is looking for her like crazy. They do find her, they are able to operate and she turns out okay. So I guess Neela and Tony are no longer a thing at all, not even really friends as he keeps his distance, and they hardly talk. I am curious about Dubenko because he FREAKS out and can’t even perform surgery on Neela because he’s way to close to her.

I like that he goes to visit her and checks up on her. He’s a good guy, and I like that we got more backstory to him last season. We learned he has a sister in assisted living because of a car crash when they were teens and he looks after her the best he can. I think that really shows the kind of guy he is.

ER Season 14 Episode Guide & Summaries and TV Show ScheduleAlthough, he’s not a fan of Neela’s new intern, Howard. The guy is a baby! He’s 19, smart for his age and started college at like 12. He definitely adds something to the show, he’s youthful yes, but he’s also got all this optimism and hope it’s just a lot of fun to watch him want to learn and be a better doctor.

And speaking of Hope, she and Morris start the season together, but when she wants to go to South America he’s doesn’t want to go with her, nor does he think their relationship will last. He’s right, they try the long distance, but in the end she breaks up with Morris.

hope bobeck Tumblr posts -

Morris has slowly grown on me. Last season he really had a turning point, and when his father dies, gosh I felt so bad for him. I think when we met Morris we knew he was just becoming a doctor because his family had money and that he didn’t really want to be a doctor, but that’s all changed now. He wanted to pass his boards exam and prove to his father that he could be a doctor but he didn’t get that chance. Plus, he didn’t pass his boards… poor guy. I also like the way he’s taken Howard under his wing, not just in medicine but in everything, it’s really sorta sweet.

gifs: er gifs Page 2 | WiffleGifSo Kovač went to Croatia to help his ailing father, and well that’s turning out to take longer than he had planned. This leaves Abby alone at home with the baby. At first everything seems to be okay, but when baby Joe falls on the babysitter’s watch and he needs surgery… that’s when things start taking a slippery slope.

Once she can bring Joe home she indulges in some alcohol and being an addict, that’s not good. She does it once, and chalks it up to never do it again. But when Kovač says he’s not coming home when he thought he was, Abby then reaches for that bottle again.

She goes out after work, already drunk and has some fun. This then gets a lot of her coworkers worried about her. This then lead me to question if anyone knows she’s a recovering alcoholic? I can’t remember who knows, aside from Kovač and Carter… two people who aren’t around.

ER: Series 14 Episode 7 - All 4That night, she makes a horrible decision to sleep with Dr. Moretti and now they can’t even look at each other at work, talk about awkward, then to make things even more awkward Kovač surprises her at work and meets Moretti and they both can’t look at anyone… ugh yikes!

It’s good to see Kovač again, and even Abby says to Neela that now that Kovač is back, everything will be fine. But when Abby goes home, she is met with Kovač’s brother, Nico. Oh, things are not going to be okay, guess who pulls the vodka out of the freezer? Abby. Things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Speaking of getting worse, Tony goes ham on a patient in the ER. He finds out who set the bomb off that hurt so many people and he just loses it. Moretti then sends him up to the ICU to slow his pace down a bit and you know what, Tony does a great job in the ICU. It was so good to see him flourish. But before he knows it he’s back in the ER.

ER - Dr. Tony Gates - YouTubeHe’s also dealing with Sarah who doesn’t want to live with her grandparents and she’s run away twice now. The second time is when her grandparents realize they can’t do this a second time. They’re finding Sarah is just like her mom and they can’t do it, so they’ve given Tony the rights for Sarah to live with him. I’m glad that they’re finally going to be with each other. I just hope it works out.

Moretti is really roping the ER into shape with all his rules. Pratt is not a fan, and he goes above Moretti to see if he can be chief of the ER, but obviously it goes back to Moretti, yikes. Pratt manages to pass his boards and when Moretti needs to attend to his son, he puts Pratt in charge to give him a practice run. I’m sure Pratt will do a really good job.

What are your thoughts of Kevin... - ERFanpageTribute | FacebookMoretti, now in the beginning I was like this guy is crazy with his rules and his strictness with no flexibility, but as the season progresses we start to see the cracks in his armour. We meet his son, he’s in university and he’s very flighty and a bit all over the place. This turns Moretti into a bit of a basket case himself because he doesn’t know how to handle his son. He keeps saying his son is just having trouble in school, but I have a feeling it’s more than that and Moretti doesn’t want to admit that.

Well, surprise, surprise Moretti is just gone, poof, like that. One minute he’s leaving for his kid, the next he’s no longer working at the hospital. That means they need a new chief, Pratt thinks this is his moment… welp, I’m sorry Pratt but the job goes to Skye the newest member to the team.

Watch ER - Season 14 Online | joined the show about two episodes before her new promotion. She was just supposed to be a temporary attending, but I guess she’s going to stay for a bit? She’s also gotten along really well Damiko, so I guess Neela is completely out of his system.

Speaking of Neela, she’s moving off of surgery and onto orthopaedics. These guys are real jocks who play hockey in the halls and are all “bros”. I’m curious to see how Neela is going to fit in with them. So far, she’s proven herself to be a good sport. I personally am not a fan, but hopefully Neela works well with them.

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — Mekhi Phifer as Greg Pratt in his final season of...Back to Pratt because this man is angry that he didn’t get the job. He’s so mad he starts looking around for a new job at different hospitals. After talks with different people, Pratt finally decides to stay. He was told he wasn’t experienced enough, and I get that Pratt is still really young and he’s a yes man, does what’s asked of him, but never proven to be a leader. I’m curious to see if his leadership skills are going to change by the end of the season. I would like to see him as chief.

So it takes a chaplain to get through to Abby about her drinking and to admit that she needs help. Julie has become the personal ER chaplain, who has a fancy for Mr. Gates those two are an odd pairing, but I kinda like them. I think she’s really mellowing bad boy Gates out.

Er Joe Kovac GIF - Er Joe Kovac Luby - Discover & Share GIFs
Back to Abby; she finally admits to Kovač that she needs help, just as his father dies. The two have a lot to work out, but it’s good to see them work it out. They decide that Kovač and Joe will go to Croatia and Abby will go to rehab. Everyone at work thinks that she’s been to Croatia, and she could have just left it at that but she wants to come clean to her team and she tells them the truth.

I feel like most people are happy to see that she’s getting help, but Sam is not a fan. Wow the looks she gave Abby.

Jeanie is back! At first I was like, she looks familiar, and then I went JEANIE! Woah, we haven’t seen her since season 6 when she left to raise the little boy who is now a full grown kid… and is in the ER because he fell in gym class.

What's Alan Watching?: ER: Jeannie's backIt’s funny to watch her talk about everyone who used to work in the ER like Doug and Carol, Carter, Weaver… it felt like such a blast from the past. I always forget that Haleh and Chuny have been on the show since season one. When Haleh says that she wants to host a dinner with everyone and that Carter may come back in the Spring, guest appearances please?! I would so love that!

Harold tells Neela that he’s leaving his surgery internship and heading to the ICU because knows that surgery isn’t for him. Neela is pissed that he’s giving up.

Neela is going through this mid-life crisis. Her 31st birthday hits and she all of a sudden thinks her life has no meaning because she hasn’t met a man and had children. I hate this societal obligation that in order to be happy you need to be in love with children. Children ≠ happiness and I hate this mentality we put on ourselves that it does.

lucien dubenko | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

It’s Dubenko who has to point it out to her that she saved these patients’ lives and she should be proud of that, that should be fulfilling… but I have a sinking feeling it’s not because she’s still sulking around. Then when she gets too attached to patient who is on the decline, she seems deeper into this depression. She needs help.

Speaking of help Abby is trying her best to be a better doctor, wife, mother but it’s obviously not enough. Kovač decides to move out, I was slightly shocked by that. For a guy who’s always claiming he wants the person he’s with to tell them the truth. Now, I’m not 100% sure if she’s told him about Moretti but Kovač knows there’s something she has held back… so maybe that’s why he’s leaving.

This shakes Abby up, but not enough to try and up her doctor game. She applies to be a attending, but it’s taking a long time to hear back… so she goes looking for a job elsewhere. She gets a really good gig and she even accepts the offer. When Pratt and Anspaugh find out, they up their offer and guess who’s now a new attending.

Speaking of new attendings, it’s like a revolving door this season. Brenner joins the team………….Pop TV Presents: ER

We are introduced to him… in bed with two women. Then next shot we see him coming into the hospital. I was like, oh that’s a great way to meet a new attending… but I see why they did that because that is how he is. He just uses women and has no respect for them, god he’s awful.

Pratt talks to Anspaugh about him, side bar I’m surprised Anspaugh is still kicking around as their chief but here we are… anyways, we learn that he’s Anspaugh’s nephew, good god. So now there’s no way of getting rid of him. And of course he acts like an angel around Anspaugh.

There’s nothing I hate watching more than two characters who are both stubborn try to be in a relationship. Pratt can be so hard-headed, but his girlfriend Bettina is no better sometimes. Pratt has a hard time committing and when we find out she has a colon condition; she knows that Pratt can’t handle it.

It’s Morris of all people who tells Pratt he needs to go back to her. And he does, she tells him to leave, go figure, but Pratt keeps coming back and he professes his love to her, it’s quite sweet. I hope they can stay together and put their stubbornness aside.

Scott Grimes' Fans on Twitter: "Last Monday I posted a bit more because of The Action Figures gig last weekend. So didn't get my weekly #MorrisMonday post up. However I'm back to

Morris is definitely going through something. When he gets held at gunpoint to do a surgery then that guy gets shot in front of him, he gets some PTSD and then it’s Pratt who goes to Morris to say if he ever needs to talk, he’s there. THESE TWO! As much as they can’t stand each other sometimes, they truly love each other. This then gives Morris the confidence to go seek some therapy.

Sam & Gates - "Do I" - YouTubeI haven’t talked about Sam much because she’s been laying low until closer to the end of the season. She and Gates have been having this weird flirty thing going on. But when Julia breaks up with Gates and takes a trip to Nepal, well these two get it on… literally everywhere in the hospital where the security cams catch them. Well, now everyone knows. I was a little surprised by them getting together, but they work.

This season has seen its fair share. They really touched on racism, when they had a patient who had a racist son, blaming his father’s staff for him losing his arm, when in fact she was actually saving him. Then killing the woman’s son before he found out the truth. That was hard hitting, but it was portrayed so accurately it hurt.

They also touched on a trans life where the parents didn’t know their son was trans and dealing with them coming (or not) coming to terms with it.

Leave it to ER to go out on a BANG, literally.

So Kovač has taken a job at a hospice and he meets an old man with cancer who really guides him and puts his life into a little more perspective. I like the friendship these two form. I think it really helps him see his own relationship with Abby better.

Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles: ER: Season 14 - Episode 19; The Chicago WayI couldn’t believe that Moretti showed up for one last episode. He wants to talk to Abby to make amends, fine. Then he goes out of his way to find Kovač to I guess make amends there. Kovač just punches the daylights out of him. This is very Kovač.

But in the end, I think Kovač and Abby are going to be okay. Kovač tells her that he knows their relationship is always changing and they should move with it. So they decide to leave Chicago to start over. Aw, I’m going to miss them.

Dubenko goes off the deep end and gets really mad about underfunding and underpayment and not enough resources that he quits. Neela can’t believe he’s going to get up and quit, give everything up. But he tells her, he’s not giving much up.wandering-----wonderings

Then Brenner shows up and I knew it was going to happen, it frustrates me that it happened. But he goes you need to get laid and that’s exactly what the two of them do. Ugh.

Pratt has a patient who’s done some bad things, tried to change his ways and turn the bad guys in, only to have the bad guys after him. Pratt tries his best to keep him safe. It’s decided that he can’t stay in the hospital so they go to move him, transporting him by ambulance. Either Pratt or Sam was going to, but we don’t know who it is… and the ambulance BLOWS UP!!! I NEED to know who it was. If Pratt dies, I will be SO sad.
Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles: ER: Season 14 - Episode 19; The Chicago Way

Pratt’s life was going so good, the guy couldn’t stop smiling, his brother got into med school, he’s going to propose to Bettina he can’t just DIE!

Another season where I need the next one so I can find out what happens next!

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — David Lyons as Simon Brenner in his final season...

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