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Review: Stranger Than Fanfiction

Hello friends, happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a good week so far. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Chris Colfer’s novel Stranger Than Fanfiction.

Stranger Than Fanfiction

Stranger Than Fanfiction by: Chris Colfer: When four friends, who have all been brought together by their favourite TV show Wiz Kids, go on a road trip across country before they graduate high school, something strange happens ­– their favourite actor from the show, Cash Carter, crashes their trip. Things don’t go quite the way they thought it would when their high expectations of the guy slowly deflate over the course of the trip. This novel had the potential to be really good and the reader wanted to like this, but it fell really flat. Colfer is a talented writer and can write a decent story with descriptive characters but after the first few chapters it felt like he was checking boxes for diversity representation. Each chapter we learned of one of the four main characters and they were so stereotypical and basic; they were developed, yes, but in such an ordinary way so the reader had a hard time wanting to care about anything that happened to them. Also, how can you have a character, mind you a minor one, be disabled and then in another chapter have another secondary character make a joke about being disabled, how does that work? The actual plot was cheesy; the reader understands that it’s supposed to be very unrealistic, but there were so many instances that felt unbelievable that it was hard to read. It was also really annoying that the one famous main character just swooped in and was there to save the main characters from their problems, which felt really convenient and again, unbelievable. The ending was definitely added for shock value and just felt really forced. There were some moments that were slightly redeeming as the characters did learn some good lessons along the way, but it was too bad that it got lost in the shuffle of this story and the way it was told. Overall, this novel wasn’t what the reader was expecting, the reader wanted to enjoy this, they just couldn’t. 

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