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Review: The Dark Archive

Hi friends, happy Monday! Today I’m going to be posting my review of the seventh book in the Invisible Library series, The Dark Archive by: Genevieve Cogman.

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The Dark Archive

The Dark Archive by: Genevieve Cogman: Irene has a new assignment, training a new assistant the fundamentals of being a Librarian. This is turning out to be harder than she expected as her new assistant, Catherine, is a Fae. In the end Catherine’s training ends up being real world action as Irene has been targeted for kidnapping and assassination attempts. The only way out is to dive deeper in her own history and the history of the Librarians, which could change everything. Seven novels in and this series still manages to hook the reader; with each passing book the stories just get better. This time around the plot really thickened when characters were thought to be dead, come back, and evil characters return, it really made for extremely engrossing storytelling. Cogman has a way of writing such great action scenes that have the reader flipping pages to find out what will come next. The last few chapters were especially like this as everything came together. The very end had the reader wondering what could happen in the next book because it sounded like the story could go either way. We also learned and saw more world building; each book opens up slightly more and more and it’s such a treat to add to what we’ve already learned and to be immersed in the world further. The characters in this novel where so great; the dynamics just keep getting better. Plus, the additional characters really stirred up plots and messed with our main characters so much, it’s so well done. The new characters really added to the story and brought out the insecurities in our main ones and really showed a new side that we’ve never seen before. That really drew the reader in and kept them reading because the relationships were so strong and made them see things a little differently. Overall, this was action-packed and beautifully written and the reader can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

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