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Review: Cannibalism

Hello friends and happy Monday, I hope you’re all doing well. Today we’re starting the week off with… Cannibalism 😅. I’m going to be posting my review of Bill Schutt’s book Cannibalism.


Cannibalism by: Bill Schutt: This book looks to explore the true science behind cannibalism and not the sensational way that most western cultures view it today. This takes a glance at the animal kingdom and branches out to humans and talks about the biological, anthropological, and the historical reasons behind why cannibalism exists. This was a really fascinating book; the reader, for the most part, enjoyed reading this despite the weird subject matter. The writing was really engrossing and it was definitely informative. The way Schutt related everything from the cannibalism in animals to Neanderthals and then slowly making its way to humans; from the Bible to the days of Christopher Columbus all the way up to modern day was really captivating. Schutt did a great job of exploring all these topics and having them flow together. It all was really well done until the reader reached the last few chapters and the author lost the reader. In the final chapters of the book he begins to start talking about diseases in animals and how diseased animals we eat can cause death, it didn’t really feel like it fit the rest of the narrative of the book; it felt like it came out of left field a bit. Aside from the ending, the rest of this book was well structured and really made the reader think and expand their thinking of knowledge of what we, as western culture, accept as normal or what is right and wrong. Overall, this was a great topic to examine, research and read about.

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