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Let’s Talk About… ER Season Twelve

Hi friends, welcome to TV Tuesday. Today I’m back with season twelve of ER.

Watch ER season 12 episode 1 streaming online | BetaSeries.comThe season starts with Sam on the hunt for her son Alex, as he ran away at the end of the last season. I feel so bad for her because she’s a wreck. Kovač is with her and it really brings the two of them together, since they’ve been having a lot of communication issues, this forces them to have the big conversations.

When they do find Alex, she’s relieved but Alex does not look happy to be found. He was on the hunt for his father, so now she has to tell him the truth, that his father is in jail.

There are a new round of interns and Barnett is over protective and doesn’t think the students can do their job… who would have thought he’d be so overbearing? Neela on the other hand is trying to be carefree, but she gets stuck with an intern who can’t diagnose a patient safe his life. Yikes.

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — Mekhi Phifer as Greg Pratt in his final season of...It’s also funny to watch Pratt run around teaching the residents how to be residents and that they should teach and show more instead of doing everything themselves. Susan gives him a dose of reality when he complains about it and says “sounds like someone I used to know” ha!

Well, last season he went to find his father, he did but I guess he didn’t like what he saw. Now his father won’t stop trying to get in contact. He gives him a second chance and finds him giving a lecture to teenagers about having safe sex because “having a baby at your age sucks”. Well that’s reassuring to Pratt that his bio-dad wants him around.

One-shot 'ER' role became steady job for Scott Grimes

So Morris is what? Why, how did Morris become chief resident? He literally does nothing, pawns things off to others and claims credit for things that aren’t his. Is this really wise? Wow.

After everything is said and done, Kovač and Sam are no longer a thing and Kovač is taking this very hard, so hard that he’s late, which gets him in trouble and gets him on the wrong foot to the new head nurse, Eve. She’s very bold I’ll say that, takes no shit and just comes in blazing. Part of me likes her, but I don’t like how she thinks she can change everything in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of change, we’ve got a new character, Dr. Clemente, the the new attending since Susan is all of a sudden gone. Apparently she took a job somewhere else… you would think they’d give her a better send off… although her first one in season what 3, was better than this.

victor clemente | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | TumgirAnyways, this new doctor is so obsessed with doing everything digital and makes fun of them for how archaic everything they do is. The residences don’t appreciate him, but slowly one by one they come around.

So Eve pounces on Sam to become head nurse and her first mission is to fire one of the longest standing nurses. It’s rough, really really rough. I feel bad for both of them, I just thought Sam had more backbone than that to go along with something she doesn’t truly believe in.

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What, so now the two are buddy buddy? Interesting.

Kovač and Clemente get into it when they disagree about care of a young girl. There is something about Clemente that is weird, it’s been hinted that he’s got some past history that isn’t good, which has me curious.

They lose that little girl and this makes Abby incredibly angry and sad, so she goes to see Kovač… and they kiss, meh. I honestly don’t see what every woman sees in this man.

Ray Barnett - Dr. Ray Barnett Photo (33149965) - FanpopThen Ray, dear lord does he get himself into a lot of hot water. He sleeps with a 14 year old… but he doesn’t know how old she is. She gets an STI and when her father finds out, beats the living shit out of him. Just oh man. I feel for Ray because he didn’t know, that’s a hard situation to be in.

So Neela has to do her ride along in order to pass medical school and her partner is John Stamos, what an interesting guest star. He’s kinda annoying because he’s always asking Neela out. She keeps refusing because she has a boyfriend, which I didn’t realize she and Mike where like officially dating.

A plane hits a building right outside the hospital and causes major pandemonium. I was actually really worried about Neela as she runs into a burning building. I thought she was going to have some smoke inhalation but she seems to be doing okay. And then Mike comes home and their reunion is so sweet!

And then Mike asks Neela to marry him! Wow, that was awfully fast; I feel like the two of them don’t really know each other, it was only the beginning of this season that I even knew they were dating. Needless to say, they do get married and it’s quite cute!

E.R. couples Photo: Michael and Neela | Black couples, Couples, Interracial wedding

Christmas rolls around and with that brings drama! All the drunk Santa’s come out and because Eve can’t stand this one, she punches him in the nose and then throws his own pee on him. I was like damn! Well, this only gets her fired… and she blames Sam because she thinks Sam was gunning for her job. Wooof y’all about a scene, I didn’t think she’d be gone so quickly. The irony, the nurse she fired, Hale, is back to working at the hospital.

The wall of locker name tags of characters that...

Then I think the biggest shocker was when Abby wanted to talk to Kovač… I thought it was so she could break up with him… nope she’s pregnant! I did not see that coming! This is going to shake things up but I think Kovač should be really happy because it’s all he’s ever wanted. But is it what Abby wants? She debates a lot about it and in the end she decides she’s going to have the baby.

victor lockhart Tumblr posts -

Speaking of Kovač he is now chief, I think he’s better at it than Clemente would be.

Clemente is a weird fellow, so he’s with a girl, Jodi who’s married, but her husband beats her and when he asks her why she doesn’t call the cops… well he is a cop. When the cop husband comes looking around, Clemente pretends he doesn’t know who she is. Ugh, I honestly can’t stand him. Now he’s MIA.

Mike is feeling guilty about being home, he knows that there is a war out there and he’s not doing anything to help. Neela on the other hand can’t understand why he would want to go back. It’s this argument that they come to the realization that maybe they love each other, but they don’t know each other and that hurts.

They did get married awfully fast.

Latest Roomies GIFs | GfycatThen there Mr. Ray, he needs sometime off to go with his band to LA, just when he resigns as a doctor, he finds out he’s no longer in the band, so he goes back to the hospital like he never quit, that’s so Ray.

The young girl he slept with is back, and it turns out her father beat her, and it isn’t the first time. So Ray does everything in his power to get her out of town. He’s secretly a good guy, under his punk-ass persona.

Well Clemente is back… Jodi’s husband finds both of them and shoots both of them, but the way it looks it looks like Clemente shot her. He comes into the ER like a crazied lunatic, I’m sure he’s hyped up on drugs. Jodi isn’t completely out of the woods but his job is definitely on the line.ER Season 12 Episode 14

Okay Morris is warming up on me and I’m starting to like him. This weird feud he’s got with the chick from the OR is kinda funny to watch. She is a complete bitch, hates all the women and wants to make nice with all the men. But she still hates Morris and it’s funny to watch the two go at it. The way Morris guesses that Abby is pregnant was hilarious too.

Abby Lockhart Archie Morris GIF - Abby Lockhart Archie Morris ER - Discover & Share GIFs

So Neela is studying to be a surgeon in the OR and she’s so indecisive that I don’t know how much a of surgeon she’d make.

Dr Carter in Africa - ER Photo (8275721) - FanpopWE GET A SNIPPET OF CARTER AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. It’s literally less than a minute of him and Kem traveling in a helicopter doing what I’m assuming is work in Africa still.

Oh, but wait there’s more! We get an episode where it’s back and forth of Africa and the US. I’ve always found those episodes interesting because it’s all medicine but it’s all so vastly different.

Nevertheless it was good to see Carter again.

Weaver is having problems with her hip and she needs to go for surgery but she keep putting it off. She keeps putting it off because she’s having an identity crisis. She doesn’t know who she’s going to be with most her crutch and her disability; it’s all she’s ever known so she can’t accept the surgery. It’s actually Abby with convinces her… I forget that they’re close because we hardly see them together anymore. They’re so close in fact that if something happens to her, she wants Abby to take care of her son Henry.

er season 12 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

I just want to take a second to say that Neela and Ray are cute, but I really like them as friends, they better not be some weird plot where they get together while Michael is gone!

RP Toolkit — Parminder Nagra FC ResourcesOkay, I’m glad that Neela understands that she needs to move out, but I’m also sad because I love them as friends! I’m so sad when she moves out I feel for Ray and I love when he says, “I wish I didn’t feel the way that I do, but you’re the best friend that I’ve ever had”

So does this mean that Neela is going to stay in Chicago or is she going to follow Mike around? Because Mike’s mom gives her some very good advice, to follow him if that’s what she wants, because she can’t let anyone anyone take what she wants away from her.

Archie Morris - Alchetron, The Free Social EncyclopediaOh my goodness, four kids who all relatively look alike claim that Morris is their biological father. Apparently he donated sperm between 1991-1996 and now these four kids exist. Morris couldn’t be happier and he’s showing them around and he’s so obsessed with wanting to be in their lives, it’s a little weird, but also borderline sweet.

Clemente is back and he’s upset that no one is showing him respect; I’m sorry but respect is earned not given. Apparently he’s living in the hospital since his apartment was ruined.

So Sam actually took the job with the rich guy. This random man who has a lot of money just tells her to work for him. At first she thinks it’s creepy… because it is. But then she actually takes it. I totally think is man has feelings or well just has a thing for her. We shall see where this goes.

John with Mekhi Phifer as Pratt during the terrific Africa episodes in ER | Afro-américain, Urgence, CinémaThen Kovač tells Abby that he’s been in contact with Carter and Carter needs help and is asking him to go to Africa… but Abby isn’t so sure about that, especially with a baby on the way. The man goes around thinking he may go for a couple of months, but I think he comes to his senses and is now passing it on to Pratt.

If I’m being honest, I think it would do Pratt good. He’s gotten himself in a messy situation with his friend who’s an alcoholic and his girl situation is a mess too, a nice clean break.

I have to say we’re getting a lot more Carter than I thought we were going to get, as he helps Pratt transition as he makes it to Africa and what a culture shock it is. He wasn’t prepared for any of it, let alone the brutality. He witnessed a man get killed right in front of him and that was very upsetting. Will Pratt make it?

michael gallant | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

The answer is yes. After a rough start and continued rough path he forges bonds, even if he still acts impulsively, which maybe works to his benefit out there. People start to respect him and watching a little kid come up to him is adorable.

I didn’t think Pratt was going to come home so soon, but he’s back at the hospital… who isn’t coming back Michael. I am shocked by what I’m seeing! The truck that Michael was in blows up and he dies. This obviously effects everyone, but most definitely Neela. That poor girl has been through so much her character arc has been so up and down I can’t even call it an arc!

18 Times ER Ripped Your Heart Out And Stomped On It

I still can’t believe they killed off Michael.

What is up with Clemente?! He’s all over the place, then he just leaves mid-shift for coffee and completely loses it. He has some sort of mental breakdown where he has to be brought in by ambulance. I honestly can’t wait for his character to leave!

WHAT?! What kind of season finale was that?! Holy hell?

I don’t even know where to begin?!

Watch ER season 12 episode 22 streaming online | BetaSeries.comI was wondering why the kept showing Steve, Sam’s ex… well it makes sense now. He comes to the hospital pretending to be hurt… instead he’s set up this whole plot with his buddies to get out of jail. Well, when Sam gets held hostage she has to pretend to go along with it. Kovač gets involved and pretty much almost dies. Instead he gets stuck tied to a gurney after Sam gets them out. She calls Abby, Abigail and that’s what tips Abby off, but it’s too late because an all out gun war happens… and they get away. Sam wasn’t going to go but when she sees he has Alex she has no choice.

Meanwhile, Jerry gets shot and Abby isn’t doing so well either.

This is also the episode they choose to have Michael’s funeral. TALK ABOUT SAD!

The way they ended the episode, I have so many questions! We don’t know where Sam is, we don’t know if Jerry is going to make it and Abby is bleeding and passes out so we don’t know if she’s going to be okay either!

er season 12 | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

This season had so many ups and downs; the character arcs have been super this season, it definitely keeps you hooked. Even when you start to feel yourself pulling away, the show finds a way to hook you back in!

9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… ER Season Twelve

    1. I think I’ve said it before (in every wrap up 😂) Carter is my favourite character. I don’t know what it was him, but I love him.
      YES! Pratt made me so angry, but I started to come around to him. He and Morris I warmed up to so much by the time season 15 came around. Omg season 15 Morris, my freakin’ heart!
      LOL at your hatred for Sam 😂


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