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Weekly Update #41 ⚰

Hello friends, happy Friday and welcome to my Weekly Update!

Currently Reading:

The Bachman Books by Stephen King (1986, Mass Market) for sale online | eBay
On page 571
Chain of Iron (The Last Hours Book 2) eBook : Clare, Cassandra: Amazon.in:  Kindle Store
On page 563

The Bachman Books; 62% of the way; I continuing with Roadwork, even though this week I read a short amount of pages, there were some interesting developments. There are underlying reasons why Bart doesn’t want to move out of the house, but instead of dealing with that he’s rather blame his wife… and we learn some about her too.

Lastly, I’m still reading Chain of Iron by: Cassandra Clare. This book is over 600 pages long and I’m slowly making my way through this. I’m enjoying it, but it’s so long!

What I’ve Read:

Aside from my Goosebumps books I haven’t finished anything else!

Goosebumps Books:

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder. I can see the TV show episode in my head with this book. It was a good book, but I didn’t find it to be too scary.
You Can’t Scare Me! This one got boring fast and it got very repetitive and it wasn’t scary.
One Day at Horrorland This one was a lot of fun, the setting and the plot were spooky and thrilling!
Deep Trouble I didn’t care for this one, but I did like the lesson Billy learns.
The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight This one was so much fun! It takes place on a farm and a corn field and it just has all the spooky vibes!
Phantom of the Auditorium I really liked the setting in this one and the red herrings were so good!
Night of the Living Dummy 2 What I’m realizing is that I don’t enjoy the Slappy/dummy books. They are mean and they don’t need to be and they make me angry more than anything else.

Links to my my blog posts this past week:

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Links to posts I enjoyed around the blogosphere:

Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books today is her birthday so go wish her a happy birthday! Every year she posts a wrap up of the past year and I love reading it and she’s inspired me to start my own

It’s been a busy weekend for me! This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. On the Saturday my friends and I took a trip to different bookstores in our area (and just outside). I’m thinking of making it into a blog post. Then the Sunday we had some family come over (2 people) for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. It was a lovely evening full of great food, people and lots of laughs.

I made a library run, so now I have loads of books to read 😊 now I have to find the time to read them! Work really picked up by the end of the week, like woah and there’s now talk of returning back to work. Yes, I’m still working from home 5 days a week (I feel like the rest of the world has gone back now), so we’ll see how that goes in the coming weeks/months.

OH and hockey’s back baby! I’m excited to watch hockey again!

What I’m watching:

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life; I didn’t get to watching the last episode this week as it’s been busy, but I’m keeping it here for this week.

Chapelwaite; season 1. We’re nearing the end of the season and the town is now splitting into two sides as more bad things keep happening. I’m curious to see where this is going to end.

The Good Doctor; season 5. I’m not sure if I’m liking the direction of this show. The new owner is making changes that I’m not sure who they are benefiting. I also don’t like the way she’s exploiting Shaun’s character, using him for her personal gain, ugh. What I will say, I do like how this show shows difference of opinions and that you can be friends with people who have a different opinion from you.

Station 19; season 5. Watching Andy and Robert dance around each other is annoying. I just want them to have a big fight and get it all out already! And seeing Maya really dig deep about wanting children or not is something I’m really enjoying watching because it’s such an important topic, women in the workforce having children.

Grey’s Anatomy; season 18. Addy came back for a episode (I don’t think she’ll be in it again) and that was fun to watch, especially seeing the interns go crazy seeing Meredith and Addy work together. I also like how good they work together they are such a power force.

Schitt’s Creek; season 6. Apparently, I can’t read. I thought I had 3 epiosdes left… I have 4 so I’ll have to watch the series finale another day. I was like where is the wedding?! I can’t wait to watch it. I’m also excited to not having this in my currently watching on Netflix. I find it interesting how everything is happening all so quickly. Like I figured that they would be leaving Schitt’s Creek by the end, but I didn’t think it would all be so quickly in the last few epiosdes.

Dear White People; season 4. This is the final season… and it’s a musical… uh. I mean, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be (I don’t really care for musicals) they don’t break out too many times, but they’ll have a really good conversation about something meaningful and then jump into a song and it just ruins the moment.

What I’ve watched:

The Guilty. This is a new movie that came to Netflix… and ehh I didn’t care too much for it. For one, it was slow and of course near the end it got interesting. I didn’t care for the main character, he was just so aggressive about everything and it made it hard to watch. Apparently this was based on a true story.

My latest Instagram posts from this week:

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