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Review: Dear Miss Kopp

Hi friends, happy Wednesday I hope you’re all having a good week so far! Today I’m going to be posting my review of the sixth novel in the Kopp Sisters series by: Amy Stewart, Dear Miss Kopp.

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Dear Miss Kopp : Stewart, Amy: Books
Dear Miss Kopp

Dear Miss Kopp by: Amy Stewart: The first world war has hit and the Kopp sisters have been separated. Norma has flown off to France to start her messenger pigeon project, Fleurette is out traveling the states with a group of women entertaining men before they go to war and Constance is still home in New Jersey working with the Bureau of Investigation. While apart, the three manage to still stay connected through the act of letters, keeping them in the know of all the crazy things happening in their lives. This was a quick, fast-paced novel that felt more like a novella than an actual novel in the series. This was told completely through the form of letters, which is always such a great way to tell a story, but it’s also a hard way to tell and convey a story. Stewart, for the most part, was able to tell a good story through letters, but there were some that felt too dialogue heavy to be a letter; it didn’t feel believable that someone would write out a whole dialogue exchange in a letter because who would really remember all that. There were also some letters that didn’t feel like they were really needed to be written to one another, but for the sake of the convention of this novel Stewart chose to write them. Aside from that, this was still an engaging and fun read. It’s always exciting to dive into a Kopp sister novel to see what they are up to. In this one, in the author notes, we find out that the majority of this story is practically all fiction and not really based on anything the real Kopp sisters did during the first world war. But in keeping up with the same spirits as the previous books, Stewart did a great job of giving each of the sisters a fascinating story that really played to each of their individual strengths. The additional of new characters was actually really well done, even in this format. We got a sense for who they are and their relationship to the sisters and we definitely enjoyed reading through their perspective. This was an entertaining installment and the reader can’t wait to see where this series and these sisters will go next.   

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