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Review: The Secret Chapter

Hi friends and happy Monday! I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of the sixth novel in the Invisible Library series, The Secret Chapter by: Genevieve Cogman.

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The Secret Chapter

The Secret Chapter by: Genevieve Cogman: Irene and Kai are called upon to another mission, this time to save the world Irene grew up in. In order to do this, they must steal a book, but before they can even do that, they must contact a mysterious Fae, Mr. Nemo. From there, he brings together an unlikely group who must work together, for better or worse, to steal a painting. This novel did not disappoint, between the action-packed plots and the addition of more family members there were so many twists and turns that the reader had no idea what the outcome of this new mission would be. This was such a fast-paced novel full of great surprises. These stories and adventures never get old; Cogman has a great writing style that eases her readers into these new situations, plus she’s created characters that readers love to come back to read about. The new characters she introduced really shake up the plot and our favourites, because it’s nothing like family to bring out new sides to people. The layers we’re getting to see were so well thought out and really dove deep into who they are as characters. We also got to see and learn more about the dragon dynasty which was fascinating; the reader could also see the underlying good versus evil layer in how some characters justified what they stood for, that was compelling to read. This was another fun, exciting mission with new characters to keep the reader on their toes.

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