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Let’s Talk About… ER Season Ten

Hi friends, welcome to TV Tuesday. Today I’m back with season ten of ER.

This show never disappoints to open on a banger. So it starts with a massive car accident.

From there we move to the hospital that is all under construction, and Weaver is trying to get the workers to what, work faster? She kinda looks insane.

Carter comes back and Abby doesn’t know what to make of it. They obviously had a fight about it. She’s mad that he never really planned to tell her, and Carter, well he seems to be doing whatever he wants.

It’s later in the episode that we find out that Kovač died in Africa. We learn this through a phone call… this show likes to announce big deaths through mediums like this. When Mark died it was a fax. Now, don’t get me wrong I didn’t care for Kovač, I didn’t want his character to die.

Cute Guys In Peril: It's A Beautiful Thing — ER - 10x02 - The Lost (2 / 2)

So now Carter feels the need to go back to being him home. He feels bad because he left him there. Abby begs him to stay, but I have a feeling he’s going to go anyways.

And it wouldn’t be a new season without a new character, there is a new medical student, who Pratt seems to have a thing for, and I’m like really? Meh.

DVD TalkSo Carter does go to Africa. He plans to bring Kovač’s body back. He gets there, but no one really knows how to obtain his body and since he wasn’t an American citizen it’s even harder.

Aside from that we flash back and forth between the present that is Carter trying to find Kovač, to Kovač’s last few weeks. It looks like he was getting sick. Just when we thought he was going to be shot and killed, it’s the cross he wears around his neck that saves him.

Meanwhile Carter is still on the hunt, as each person they find either knows nothing or it’s the wrong person they find, the more it seems that Kovač isn’t really dead… and guess what he isn’t dead. Carter does find him and plans to send him back home. As for Carter, he plans to stay in Africa.

Carvac John Carter GIF - Carvac John Carter Luka Kovac - Discover & Share GIFs

The way that ended really made it seem like a farewell to Carter’s character, and that makes me sad.

Carter writes Abby a “Dear John” letter… that everyone seems to read, and she seems to be so over him.ER (6) | Disabled TV Characters

The nurses stage a walk out because Romano won’t pay them fairly. Speaking of Romano, wow. So he gets a new prosthetic arm… and why is the end a hook? He’s super pissed off about it because he can’t begin to practice being a surgeon again with that, but his insurance won’t cover it, so he’s making a big stink about it.

Then there’s Coop… a new med student who isn’t afraid of Romano and this frustrates Romano even further.

Coop on the other hand has asthma and he almost dies when he has an attack and the other 2 med students try to save him.

So what, Pratt is now an attending? I feel like he just got here as a med student.

I don’t think he and Chen are a thing anymore. After he tells her they’re not ready to get married, meaning he still wants to play the field. Well then.

The guy that Elizabeth was seeing, another mr. big shot is seeing someone else, which makes her feel like such a fool… and I don’t blame her.

Man, the hospital is out of control, there are all these new doctors, nurses, students and it seems none of them know what they’re doing. It’s a chaotic mess.

sam taggart | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | TumgirWho is the new character? Sam Tiger? Taggart I love Linda Cardellini as an actor and I’m so excited to see her on the show! She’s a new nurse and she’s spunky and I love her. Her son is a bit weird though. He’s always at the hospital and now he’s following Kovač around. I have a feeling something may be wrong with him, but that’s just a feeling I have.

So because we have Sam, Abby is now starting her residency to become a doctor. Good for her! She’s learning, but you can tell it’s hard for her. Elizabeth says something golden to her though, she has to learn to let go out of her patients and care less about them, which makes sense of you’re a doctor.

sam taggart gifs | WiffleGif

Kovač is walking around trying not to order tests that he doesn’t think patients need and this is really starting to effect patients. Pratt won’t work with him anymore and now Elizabeth has had enough of it too.

Now that Romano has his fake hand, he’s using it to grab asses. God Romano, he has a few good moments and then he ruins them all by doing stupid things…  like why. Ugh.

What. The. Heck just happened?! They have this patient that they have to transport by helicopter. Romano refuses to go up, and I don’t blame him, the last time he was up there he lost his arm. But he does go… only to have PTSD flashbacks and he runs as fast as he can to get outside. But then the helicopter that was on the roof crashes to the ground… right on top of him… so has he just been blown away into oblivion?! What a way to go. After everything he’s been through and put people through he dies by helicopter falling on him.

18 Times ER Ripped Your Heart Out And Stomped On It

It’s obviously pandemonium and everyone is trying to help out… except for a med student named Morris. What a joke this guy is. He’s a druggie who is only in med school because if he’s not his parents cut him off. Just wow. Archie Morris (Urgences) | Emergency room, Favorite tv shows, Greys anatomyHe goes to get high on illegal drugs and Romano catches him, tells him not to do anything until he comes back… only he’s not coming back… and of course Morris did nothing throughout that whole trauma. What is wrong with him?!

Susan’s ex-husband chuck was supposed to be on that helicopter, but ends up not and the react to seeing Susan see him alive, man that was gut wrenching.

I also just want to point out that I found it so weird for a medical show to have product placement of KFC. So random.

Speaking of random, we get this tiny, flighty scene of Carter in Africa… NO idea what the point of it was.

So they do acknowledge Romano’s death, but the only one it really effects is Elizabeth, as she was the closest to him. I feel bad for Elizabeth she seems to keep losing the people she loves.

ER's Luka and Sam: In pursuit of a family – Tora on TV and ThingsI have to say, Sam’s son is starting to really irritate me. He’s all over the hospital and following Kovač like a puppy. He’s a compulsive liar and steals a lot of stuff, including a finger from a patient. Man, where is this plot going?

So back to Carter, we see him and get another episode in Africa. But the surprising thing, he’s met a woman, Kem, and she’s having his baby. Damn! He wants her to go back to the States so they can raise their baby there.

ER - Season 10 Episode 11 - Rotten Tomatoes

And now Kovač is going back to Africa, and Carter actually did come home and he’s working his first shift back. I’m not going to lie, I love that he’s back at the hospital.

What I didn’t love was the weird back and forth, and flashbacks that we got finding out what has been happening with Carter.

I’m glad that Abby and Carter are good and they didn’t make it too awkward. Obviously their encounter was going to be awkward but it was just the right amount.

We also find out that Carter is going to have a son, cute.

Oh! So now Kovač is changing his mind about Africa and wants to leave later… so are he and Sam going to turn into a thing?! I don’t know how I feel about this.

Sam taggart GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

Okay, wait wait wait, what?! So like last season Weaver was pregnant but she lost the baby, she asked her partner to have the baby and she refused… I assumed from there they broke up and now the two of them are in the hospital because Weaver’s partner is pregnant having their baby. I was so caught off guard by that, now they have a son. I’m happy for them, but man, that came out of nowhere.

sapphics every minute on Twitter: "kerry weaver and sandy lopez - ER… "

Speaking of babies, now Susan is pregnant. Alright then.

So Romano gets a dedication… and well Weaver puts his dedication into supporting the LGBT community… a community he very much didn’t support when he was alive. Oof this revenge is definitely best served cold.

greg pratt | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir - Tumbex

Wow Chen’s parents get into a car accident in China, her mother doesn’t make it and now she’s in charge of a looking after her comatose father. This is really hard on her and I feel bad for her. I get that Pratt wants the best for her and to help her but he’s so clingy somethings. Carter is quite supportive; I’ve always liked their friendship. It’s so true and loyal.

Who did you like Dr. John Carter with best? - E.R. couples - FanpopSpeaking of Carter, his girlfriend has gone away to do work… that sounds so vague, but she couldn’t stand to stay in Chicago so she left. Man, poor Carter. I wonder if she’s going to come back. I thought she was going to get rid of the baby, but she’s still pregnant.

And speaking of pregnant, Susan is very pregnant and she’s so worried about introducing Chuck to her father. I have to say, them meeting was so cute, and it looks like he approves of him right away.

Neela, one of the med students is having a really hard time figuring out where she belongs. She had a hard time in the NICU and she has a very bad case of claustrophobia so she thinks the ER is the only place for her. The sad thing is, Carter is the only one who believes in her. I don’t know, like when we have characters who are so in over their heads because I feel for them because I feel like that’s how I would be if I ever had to work in the ER.

ER (S10E22): Drive Summary - Season 10 Episode 22 Guide

Well, Carter went ahead and pushed Neela and that caused her to fluster and to accidentally kill a patient. To top it off, Mike, who hasn’t been very present this season (aside from this strange plot with his twin sister and Pratt) stands up for her and takes the blame for her actions. I don’t think this is going to help Mike at all.michael gallant | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

So Frank, one of the clerks, one that I’ve never really given second thought to because I’ve always loved Jerry, but he’s an ex cop who just seems so annoying and is so rude, but he suffers a massive heart attack. When his family comes, his daughter has Down’s syndrome and the way he loves her, you would never know that he was the same man at work. This really shows how people are so different outside of work.

Ugh, I’m not sure how I feel about Kovač and Sam. So they’re a thing now, but it was a lot of yes and no before they actually decided to be a thing. Meh. I’m so tired of Kovač and all his ladies.

Wow, they really threw a whole lot into one episode, can we get sadder?

So the patient that Neela accidentally kills, the family is suing the hospital so they want to know what actually happened because the higher ups seem to really think something happened… and we know that it did, but it really doesn’t look like it, you would only know based on word of mouth, only the people involved know that Mike forged papers.

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — Sharif Atkins as Michael Gallant in his first...So, because of this the army all of a sudden have called Mike up… we all know that he called them so that he could get out and save himself since he lied forged papers. Neela knows what he’s doing, and she’s mad at him for it. I agree with her, because she never asked him to do what he did, she was so ready to take blame… and then Mike comes along. So, is he off the show?

Now to the saddest… Sandy, Weaver’s wife is in an accident… and she ends up dying. Man, was that ever sad. The actor who plays Weaver does such a good job of just showing pain. Then to top things off, because Sandy had the baby, Sandy’s family doesn’t see Weaver as their son’s mother too. So now that she’s passed, they try to take her son from her. My heart, I can’t. This woman just lost her wife, and now her wife’s family is trying to take her son away… that is so cruel!

Kerry & Sandy- In the arms of the angel - YouTube

Now she has to battle it out through the courts. What a mess! I feel so much for her, she shouldn’t have to deal with that.

We get to see Rachel, Mark’s daughter! It was so good to see her for an episode. Of course she only really goes to see Elizabeth because she’s needs medical advice about contraceptives, but at least she’s being safe.

Speaking of families, Sam’s ex is back and at first I was like this is going to shake up her and Kovač’s relationship, but it’s so much bigger than that.

ER Season 10 Episode Guide & Summaries and TV Show ScheduleThis is effecting their son Alex. He wants to be back in their lives, but he’s still getting high and thinking he can just do anything, and Sam is trying but it’s hard. As much as she doesn’t want him to be in Alex’s life, he’s his father, she can’t stop him from being in his life either.

Well, she’s about to run again. Clearly she’s done this before because Alex is tired of it. He puts up and fight and then calls Kovač. Of course he shows up in his scrubs, like damn did this man just run from the hospital? But Sam has made up her mind and is leaving.

Then there’s Carter and Kem, they give birth to a stillborn and man it’s so heart wrenching. Carter completely breaks, and seeing his father come to see him was so heartwarming because they aren’t very close.

18 Times ER Ripped Your Heart Out And Stomped On It

Now Carter is going through this angry period. I just hope he doesn’t turn to drugs again.

Abby failed her boards exam the first time, so she takes them again. She gets to graduate, but if she doesn’t pass then she can’t practice what she learned. Her letter gets lost in the mail, but in the end she does pass and she can begin her residency.

Then there’s Neela who went to Ann Arbor to start her residency, but she’s having a really hard time with it. She doesn’t think she’s ready to be a doctor, or if she even wants to be a doctor.

Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles: ER: Season 10 - Episode 22; Drive

The season ends on a freakin shooting!?! What the hell! Pratt, Chen and one of Pratt’s patients are driving when a guy pulls up beside them starts talking smack, Pratt just wants out so he drives faster… but then the guy shows up and pulls a gun out. Geeeez.

Holy crap! Talk about ending in the middle of all the action! It doesn’t even feel like the end of the season.

This was another season with a lot of jaw dropping moments, this show is really good at that. They’re not afraid to pull punches and I like that.

michael gallant gifs | WiffleGif

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… ER Season Ten

  1. I never got the whole Carter Kem relationship at the beginning. It felt like there was no backstory given to us. It was boom I’m over Abby and here’s my pregnant girlfriend and like what the what now? The actor wanted to take time away from the show but to me they didn’t get his storyline quite right.
    I HATED SAM’S KID TOO. UGHHHH Her and Kovac were just such an awkward pairing. But omg Romano’s death. It was even weirder than last seasons arm shearing. Like you I was there thinking is this real? And then it was! Just so freaking random 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you, Kem did feel like she came out of nowhere. Like I get he met her when he went over to Africa, but it was like she’s my girlfriend, we’re going to have a baby. I read somewhere that someone thought that Kem didn’t deserve Carter’s love… and I kinda agree.
      I also always wondered about the actor, Noah Wyle, and why he was on and off the show for so many seasons. It was like he wanted to be in the show but at the same not… you know what I mean.
      UGH Sam’s kid was so all over the place and I agree I didn’t like Sam and Kovac, they didn’t fit.
      YES! Romano’s death was something else, like I feel like the actor wanted off the show so they were like bam, you get hit with a freakin’ helicopter. Agree, SO random!


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