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Review: Two Trees Make a Forest

Hello friends, happy Monday! I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Jessica J. Lee’s novel Two Trees Make a Forest.

I read this for my Canada Reads project (reading all the nominated books for #CanadaReads).

Two Trees Make a Forest

Two Trees Make a Forest by: Jessica J. Lee: This was Lee’s story of uncovering her heritage by going back to the place her mother and grandparents lived and immersing herself into the land and the language, finding meaning in it all and trying to find a place she belongs. This was a remarkable book, from the lush writing to the landscapes envisioned and the journey of finding oneself through discovering lost family and lost places. Lee takes her readers on an adventure with her incredibly vivid writing, as it’s so poetic and graceful. There were also many educational moments mixed with emotional ones that really opened this story up. There were instances where the book was filled with a lot of scientific jargon regarding the land and the earth, which kind of went over the reader’s head but because this was so well written it still flowed really well with the rest of the story. The way Lee weaved her own personal story while talking about the earth and language and bringing it all together was really well done. The way she spoke about language was really fascinating; language is such an intriguing subject and it touches everybody differently, Lee really brought it home what it means to her and her family so well. Overall, this was a really well put together novel that was both beautiful inside and out.

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