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Review: History is All You Left Me

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a good week so far. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Adam Silvera’s novel History is All You Left Me.

History is All You Left Me

History is All You Left Me by: Adam Silvera: When Griffin’s best friend and ex-boyfriend, Theo, dies un-expectantly Griffin’s world turns upside down. Even though Theo has moved to California and moved on with a new boy, Jackson, Griffin always assumed Theo would come back to him, but now that will never happen. Losing himself in his grief, Griffin has to confront his history before he can start to make his future. This novel was a total punch to the gut. The roller coaster of emotions that encapsulates this small book are astounding; the reader was completely unprepared for how much they would go through reading this. The ups and downs and highs and lows were tremendous. This novel is told in alternating timelines, “today” and “history” and the back and forth really let the reader get a sense of who, Griffin, the main character was and the person he was trying to become. Silvera portrayed grief in such a poignant and moving way, he really made it tangible and made it extremely relatable. His characters were so complex and knowing we only had a little bit of time with them, he made them as rounded as possible because they were all so memorable. Even though they were all struggling through their own grief, whatever way that meant to each of them, this novel still managed to feel hopeful in a sea of sorrow and portray a great, first love story. This was such a brutally honest, yet passionate novel that dealt with death in a sincere and genuine way. The way mental health was described in this novel was also really well done; it felt real. Silvera’s way with words totally captivated and hit the reader right in the feels; this is a must read.

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