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Review: Alone in the Wild

Hello friends, happy Wednesday – I hope you guys are having a good week so far! Today I’m going to be reviewing the fifth novel in Kelley Armstrong’s Rockton series, Alone in the Wild.

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Alone in the Wild

Alone in the Wild by: Kelley Armstrong: When out camping, Casey finds a baby wrapped up in a women’s dead body. When it’s found out that the dead woman isn’t the baby’s mother it’s up to Casey and Eric to find its parents and to solve the mystery behind who killed the woman. On top of this, the two are faced with temporary parenthood, which leads them to start considering and facing their future and what they really want. With the passing of every Rockton novel Armstrong really outdoes herself. Not only was this an action-packed thriller/mystery, this novel was full of heart and raw truths that her characters had to really face and work through. The way the plots interwove between one another and everything connected was cleverly done. The plot was engrossing and truly fast-paced; the reader was flipping through the novel so quickly, perhaps at times too quickly, as the novel came to an end the reader was reading faster than they could process what was happening. The pacing throughout the novel was good, but as the end approached it just felt like Armstrong threw so many things at the reader that plots, stories and characters started to get lost in the shuffle of wanting to find out how it was all going to end. It felt like Armstrong should have slowed down a little by the end instead of barreling into the end. But that aside, her characters were so well developed. Even though we’ve come to know these characters pretty well, there’s nothing like placing something they can’t have, or didn’t know they wanted, into the story to really make them work out their feelings. The different arcs these characters go through really stuck to the reader as true and honest; to see them over the course of the novel figure out their feelings, not only for themselves but for each other was really heartwarming and refreshing to read. Armstrong shows that her characters have flaws, but she also shows that they aren’t afraid to have them and that it’s important to work through them, especially if you’re in a relationship. Overall, this was yet another fantastic addition to an already unique and wildly entertaining series.

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