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Review: The Sleepwalker

Hi friends, happy Monday I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Chris Bohjalian’s novel The Sleepwalker.

The Sleepwalker

The Sleepwalker by: Chris Bohjalian: Annalee is a sleepwalker and when she goes missing her daughters fear the worst. After weeks with no leads, people start to assume she’s dead. When her body turns up, it becomes a question of whether it’s murder or an accident. Meanwhile, Lianna, Annalee’s oldest daughter, finds herself fancying the detective on the case, Gavin, but as she learns more about him, she wonders why he knows so much about her mother. This was a really well thought out novel. The way Bohjalian planted little seeds, some that grew into bigger plots and some that didn’t really go anywhere, was well done. This alone had the reader on their toes until the very end. The reader had no idea how this was going to end and that was the thrill of it all. The ending was shocking enough and definitely unexpected; looking back, the reader could see all the little clues Bohjalian left, which was really clever. The pacing was good, sometimes it was a little on the slow side, but it worked for the story. The romance plotlines sometimes felt like they overpowered the original murder mystery arc which the reader wasn’t really a fan of. It all played out in the end, but in the beginning it felt really out of place. The characters were deeply developed and the reader found they were heavily invested in their arcs, no matter how big or small. They felt so real and flawed; it made them really captivating to read. The secondary characters really complimented the main ones and brought a lot of the story together. Learning about sleepwalking also made this novel really fascinating and added an extra layer of intrigue to this already engrossing novel.      

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