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Review: The Bone Witch

Hello friends, happy Monday! Today I will be posting my review of the first book in the The Bone Witch trilogy, The Bone Witch by: Rin Chupeco.

The Bone Witch

The Bone Witch by: Rin Chupeco: Tea has a gift different from all the witches in her family; she has the gift for necromancy which makes her a bone witch, people who are feared within the kingdom. Now she must leave her home to train under an older bone witch. She must gain her strength as a war is looming in the eight kingdoms, a war that could threaten extreme power of her home and the people she loves. For a first novel in a trilogy, this was a good start and left the reader wanting to know more. The introduction to the world was great but the world building felt a little lacklustre; the reader wanted a little more because it felt like there were so many moving parts to this that if there was a little more of an explanation to the world the reader wouldn’t have felt as lost and slightly overwhelmed. Aside from learning about the world, Chupeco’s writing was so lush and beautiful and that really propelled the reader to keep going. The story was fascinating and the plot was fast-paced, maybe at times a little too fast for the reader to grasp everything going on. The characters were well developed and their ups and downs definitely entertained the reader. It felt like we just scratched the surface with these characters and the reader hopes that with the novels to come that we’ll see more of them and get to know them a little better. Overall, a very delightful and enjoyable read but the world and the characters need to be flushed out some more.

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