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Weekly Update #25 🕶

Hello friends, happy Friday and welcome to my Weekly Update!

Currently Reading:

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: Stories, Plays, Poems & Essays:  Amazon.ca: Wilde, Oscar: Books
On page 339
The Bachman Books by Stephen King (1986, Mass Market) for sale online | eBay
On page 131
My Calamity Jane: Hand, Cynthia, Ashton, Brodi, Meadows, Jodi:  9780062652812: Books - Amazon.ca
On page 480

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde; 27% of the way; look at me making progress this week! I finished up the short stories this week; some were really good and I liked the themes and messages they had, some were really long and kinda dragged on. I started reading the plays today – I started The Importance of Being Earnest and I’ve always heard about it, but have yet to read, I’ve only read act 1 and it’s been an aaaalright read so far.

The Bachman Books; 14% of the way; continuing with Rage. I am really not enjoying this novel, like why are we deviating from the main plot to talk about sex? It doesn’t make sense, it honestly feels like it was added so King could talk about sex (in a not flattering way) because it has nothing to do with the main character holding his classmates hostage.

Lastly, I’m reading My Calamity Jane by: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. I’ve read the past two books and didn’t really enjoy them, but I do like this one; it’s fast-paced and the major plot is good, but the little side bars that the narrators keep adding are supposed to be funny, but they really aren’t.

What I’ve Read:

History Is All You Left Me: Amazon.ca: Silvera, Adam: Books

Last week I finished History is All You Left Me by: Adam Silvera. Wow this was a punch to the gut but it was such an amazing read and really portrayed grief so, so well.

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Simone @Simone and Her Books talked about how to support indie bookstores without breaking your book buying ban – this was a great post with some great tips!

Can you guys believe it’s officially summer? I can’t! Where is the year going?! I hope you like my new headers for the new season!

As for this week, it started with a family breakfast for Father’s Day. It was scrumptious. Now that things have started to slowly open back up, my mum and I went to a few stores to return things we bought online. I’ve been looking for a new comforter since the beginning of the year and I think I finally found one. It’s UGG brand and holy soft! (So when I got home, the comforter that said it came with pillow shams… didn’t come with shams I had to find it online…only to find the size I need is out of stock, so I had to find another comforter, le sigh!)

Ending this week on a bit of a downer as my manager at work informed us, yesterday, that she’s leaving and I’m sad because she was a great manager.

What I’m watching:

Gilmore Girls; season 6. The back and forth with Rory and Logan is making my head spin; with this rewatch I’m realizing that it’s not just Logan I don’t like, but Rory is just as bad! Plus Lorelei specifically tells Rory to stay out of it with Luke and his daughter, but of course she can’t and she goes to scope out Luke’s ex out, like come on Rory! What was fun to watch was Lane getting married; so cute, I love Lane and Zack and watching Mrs. Kim with her mother, that was great.

One Tree Hill; season 9. Here I am, the last season of my re-watch! This season kinda feels tacked on after the way season 8 ended. Dan returns to just be around, Nathan has to do a bunch of traveling since Clay is sleepwalking (not a fan of this plot that’s coming) and they bring back Chris Keller (which, makes me laugh – I like how much Chuck falls in love with him). We finally get to meet Brooke’s father after all this time and I hate that she calls him “daddy” as if he’s been present in her life. Ugh I hate it. I think her mother has a right to be worried, but she’s also not taking the right approach to it; she’s using her own feelings to make Brooke hate her father, what a mess.

The Dead Zone; season 2. I’m back to this show, and still not hating it. Nothing has been much different from season 1. Johnny is still using his powers to help people, we did get a pretty cool episode where he gets a blood transfusion from 7 different people (he needed that much blood?!) and he then lives inside their heads for a few weeks. That was interesting, if not the most random; I think they wanted to try something new.

What I’ve watched:

Schitt’s Creek; season 4. I’ve been on and off watching this for weeks, like an episode a week pretty much and I’m finally finished with the fourth season. WOOF the emotional roller coaster with David and Patrick, THEY ARE SO CUTE, like AHHHH! That is all I can say, like honestly Patrick is the sweetest when it comes to David and the way he can be so sarcastic is just great. I also like the David, Patrick, Stevie trio because I like when Patrick and Stevie gang up on David. Then there’s the Alexis and Ted back and forth, when Alexis puts it all out there I was proud of her for saying her peace and moving on, but of course we all knew Ted was coming back. And the way this season ended on a Christmas episode was really sweet.

Orange is the New Black; season 5. Okay, I didn’t expect this season to end the way that it did. It felt really anti-climatic. Like After 12 epiosdes of the will they get the deal they want, things start to crumble and it ends with guards flooding the prison and taking the prisoners out. All that’s left are the ones hiding in the bunker, which we don’t know what is going to happen to them. So I am curious where this is going to go because we still haven’t got an answer yet!

One Tree Hill; season 8. I finished season “grEIGHT” (I realized that’s how it was spelt, ha!) and I don’t usually like when plots all connect (because not everything needs to be related) but the whole plot with Mr. Kellerman and his son and the accident, I do like how they come full circle with that and that Nathan finally see that Mr. Kellerman isn’t like his father and Ian isn’t him. Ian is just awful. I also like the workaround to finding out Brooke is pregnant, like it sounds like something that would annoy me, but I actually really like it. I also like that Haley and Brooke open up Karen’s Cafe once more, again to come full circle. The way the season ended felt so final and I really liked it as a finale because everything was so tied up.

Long Shot. This was a pleasant surprise. I just put this on when I read childhood friends meet after so many years, I was intrigued. I turned on the movie thinking it would be some cute rom-com but it opens on this guy undercover at a white power meeting I was like WHAT did I put on? BUT this turned out to be just as cute and witty as I thought it would be. Charolette is running to be the first woman president and she needs to find someone who can help her speeches sound a little more funnier, enter Fred, the kid she used to babysit as a kid, a journalist who can write. The two come together to work together and possibly more. It was smart and funny, I liked it.

Rush Hour. I’ve never actually seen these movies, so I’m trying to catch up on all the movies I haven’t seen and this was a great movie. It was funny and action packed and I can’t wait to watch the other two movies in the series.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Update #25 🕶

  1. i never read further than my lady jane, the other two janes didn’t seem interesting to me. i should probably continue at some point though. i’m really excited for my contrary mary as i adore mary queen of scots. are you looking forward to reading this one too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t going to read the last Jane book, but I figured it’s the last one I might as well finish them off and I’m glad I did because I liked it. I probably won’t start the Mary books just as I don’t really have an interest. But I hope you enjoy them! 😊


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