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Weekly Update #24 πŸ‘ 

Hello friends, happy Friday and welcome to my Weekly Update!

Currently Reading:

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: Stories, Plays, Poems & Essays:  Amazon.ca: Wilde, Oscar: Books
On page 285
The Bachman Books by Stephen King (1986, Mass Market) for sale online | eBay
On page 86
History Is All You Left Me: Amazon.ca: Silvera, Adam: Books
On page 35

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde; 23% of the way; I read 2 short stories this week, yay! The first one was really long and I don’t really remember much from it, but the second one was good and I liked the premise and the moral of the story.

The Bachman Books; 9% of the way; continuing with Rage. This story is slow going and the main character isn’t very likeable, but I’m still curious to see where this is going to go.

Lastly, I’m reading History is All You Left Me by: Adam Silvera. I just started this today I’m totally ready to be engrossed in it. From the first few chapters I’ve read I can feel myself being pulled in and I need to find a good chunk of time to really dive into this.

What I’ve Read:

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin: Amazon.ca: Brown, Roseanne A.: Books
Autopsy of a Boring Wife – House of Anansi Press
The Lost Plot: Amazon.ca: Cogman, Genevieve: Books

Last week I finished A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by: Roseanne A. Brown. Even though it was slow paced, I still enjoyed this quite a bit and now I’m sad that I have to wait until November for the sequel!

I also finished Autopsy of a Boring Wife by: Marie-RenΓ©e Lavoie. This was my 5th Canada Reads book and I really enjoyed it. I liked the perspective and the unpredictability of it; it was also short and super fast-paced that I almost finished it in a day.

I lastly finished The Lost Plot by: Genevieve Cogman. I enjoyed this instalment, the stakes felt a little higher and that ending really had my gasping out loud!

Links to my my blog posts this past week:

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Review: The Invisible Library

Let’s Talk About… ER Season Six

Review: Clash of Beasts

Links to posts I enjoyed around the blogosphere:

Kate @Your Tita Kate wrote a great post on how to add your blog to your resume – as someone who graduated in Media Studies I’ve always thought about adding it (I was even encouraged to add how I wrote reviews to it) maybe one day I’ll actually do it, this was a great guide!

Sofii @A Book. A Thought posted a great list of tips to stop doing in order to be a stress free blogger – I loved this list because it’s a good reminder of things to stop/not do!

Γ‰imhear @A Little Haze Book Blog posted a really eye opening and great perspective book review of Everything Everything – I read this book years ago and didn’t really care for it, and I love the way Γ‰imhear dives deep into all the problematic plots and characters that people may not be aware of

Lucy @Elsie LMC posted about how blogging has helped her through lockdown – this was a great, uplifting read

Another week blown by so fast! Aside from my boring work week, I did get my second dose!! It’s exciting to be fully vaxxed so that hopefully we’re onto brighter days. This time around it took waaaay longer than the first time. This one took place in an arena and there were so many people. Even though my brother and I had appointments there were so many people that it didn’t matter the time. It took us a good hour and a half to wait in line, register, then get our shot but I think the workers liked my energy πŸ˜‚

Then the next day one of my fave artists, City and Colour announced a tour and the tickets went on sale for the two dates here and of course I grabbed myself a pair! I’m so excited to go to concerts again. This one doesn’t happen until December so I think we’ll be in a better place by then (yes, I’m being very hopeful).

What I’m watching:

Gilmore Girls; season 6. Since I had taken a few weeks off watching this I felt really confused when I jumped back in and Luke and Lorelei were still talking about getting married on June 3… it’s just that she hasn’t told her parents the wedding has been put on hold. Rory becomes the new editor at the paper after Paris goes insane in a bunker… Paris gets upset that Rory “took her job” and kicks her out only for her to move in with Logan… only for a few days later they break up. So. Much. Drama. Oh and we meet Christopher’s daughter, Gigi and she’s a terror.

One Tree Hill; season 8. I feel like we’re really jumping into the next stage of life for all these character’s lives. Brooke and Julian get married and are now trying to adopt a kid; Haley and Nathan are on the verge of having a baby; Nathan is trying to deal with his bully of a professor, while signing his professor’s son as a client (the guy is a complete jerk, like I get that Nathan sees himself in Ian, but Nathan was like that in high school, not as a adult). I also really love the plot with Chase and Chuck. Chuck is a really cute kid, when he’s not being a bully, but I do like that we get a backstory for him because the bond that Chase forms with him is so pure.

Orange is the New Black; season 5. This season has been crazy. It only takes place within the span of what, a few days? and they’re trying to negotiate to get better living conditions, meanwhile you’ve got other inmates holding guards hostage and then you have another group of inmates dealing with the crazy Piscatella – holy that guy is a piece of work! Red is so consumed by her rage for him, which I get, because he’s got no compassion, or possibly a soul. I have one episode left, very curious to see where this is all leading to.

What I’ve watched:

The Godfather. I’ve never seen this movie so I thought it was time to rectify that. I don’t know why I always thought this was a slow paced film, because it wasn’t. It was very action packed; there were obviously dull moments (because this movie is 3 hours long) but for the most part I was hooked throughout.

After We Collide. I didn’t realize this was a sequel movie, but you can totally watch it as a standalone. So what drew me to it was 1) Dylan Sprouse (lol) 2) it dealt with a girl who is starting an internship at a publishing house. But ehhhh this movie was not it for me. It read like fan fiction (which after some research, I found out this started as a story on Wattpad). Everything felt too perfect in the way it was laid out; it was really cheesy and it’s something I won’t be watching again.

Late Night. I feel like I have too many thoughts on this, and I just don’t feel like getting into the nitty gritty of my thoughts. In general, I did enjoy this; it didn’t start off very funny, but I was intrigued. Basically the premise of this movie is that a late night talk show is being forced off the air because the host and the jokes aren’t funny or relevant anymore. The host is a middle aged, white woman who is portrayed like she hates women, but I don’t think that’s the case, I feel like she feels the need to act like a man to get and stay in the position she’s in, and who doesn’t want to follow any of the trends so her show becomes boring. She’s forced to hire a woman writer… because all her writers are white men, so they hire a brown woman who’s never worked in comedy before. Some of the plots are predictable but like I said for the most part I enjoyed it.

Holidate. I was going to watch this at Christmas, but after seeing this movie takes place at all the major holidays watching it the other day was perfectly fine. Basically the premise is Sloan is tired of her love life being the talk at family holidays so she finds herself a ‘holidate’ a person you bring to home to major holidays, but there are no strings attached. Obviously we all know that they start to have feelings for each other, but the weird stories in between are cute. I hated that this movie portrayed being single as the end of the world – god I hated the mom, she was the worst! If you can get past the pushing relationships on people, it was a cute movie.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Update #24 πŸ‘ 

  1. Thank you SO much for mentioning my post, beautiful!!! ❀️❀️ Oh, History is All You Left Me is heartbreaking, but a super powerful read for sure πŸ₯Ίβœ¨ & I’m glad you enjoyed A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, it sounds fantastic.😍
    Have an incredible week! πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome! 😊
      Oh my it was a roller coaster of a book, I have no idea what I’m going to say in my review, but I hope to find the words!
      A Song of Wraiths and Ruin was really good! 😌
      Thank you, you too! ❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the mention!! Was very kind of you and lovely to find πŸ˜„πŸ’• It’s been so long since I acknowledged any of my TBRs but seeing this just reminded me at one point I really wanted to read A Song of Wraiths and Ruin! I completely forgot about it 🀣. I’m in and out of a reading rut so should finish what I have but that one’s definitely making it onto a fresh list!

    Liked by 1 person

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