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Review: Going Wild Series

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! 🙂 Today I’m going to be reviewing the third and final novel in Lisa McMann’s Going Wild series: Clash of Beasts.

I had no idea this was a series when I first picked it up from the library. It wasn’t until I first saw the book and it said book one on its cover, that I realized it. I hope the second book comes out soon because the first was very action packed.

Going Wild
Going Wild

Going Wild by: Lisa McMann: Charlie is in a new environment with a new house, new school, new city, and on top of being the new girl, she becomes a new person. When she finds a mysterious bracelet she puts it on, only to not be able to get it off; this bracelet starts to give her super strengths, and all she wants is to be a normal kid again. Instead she uses her powers to do good around the community, and her school, until she starts being chased. The novel starts off super slow, but by the end the novel really takes off, the only problem is that it takes a little too long for anything really exciting to happen. What the slow start does allow is for the reader to get to know all the characters really well, and so they feel connected to them. The plot is really interesting and where it left off makes the second book sound like it will be very exciting and action packed.

Predator vs. Prey

Predator vs Prey by: Lisa McMann: We pick up right where the first novel left off with Charlie’s father kidnapped and she left with this mysterious bracelet, which she thinks is all connected. While trying to find all the missing links they find three other bracelets that her friends can’t wait to try and test out, only there could be some serious side effects. This novel was fantastic; it went from good to amazing in seconds. Each chapter brought new dynamics to the plot; just when the reader thought they had things figured out, something new happened. This is truly an amazing series and the way this ended on such a cliff hanger, readers can only anticipate more greatness from McMann. Her characters shined; from the kids to the adults, although their dialogue was quite cheesy at times, they were still engaging, fun, interactive characters. Who knows where this series will go, but it looks like the best is yet to come.

Clash of Beasts

Clash of Beasts by: Lisa McMann: Charlie and her best friends, Marie and Mac, are in a last ditch effort to stop Dr. Gray from turning the world into Chimeras. Kelly, their ex-friend, is making it difficult. But when Dr. Gray starts doing things that Kelly doesn’t agree with, she’s not so sure where her loyalties lie. Wanting to go home, she tries to gain the trust of her old friends to help take down Dr. Gray once and for all. This is the final novel in the Going Wild series and it closes out the trilogy nicely. All the stories that started in the first and second novel all came together for an action packed ending. McMann did a good job of writing a fun story about kids turning into animals. The good versus evil plots kept the reader on their toes. The way it was broken up, the “good” chapters were white pages with black text, whereas the “evil” chapters were black pages with white font was an interesting choice, but helped the reader identify what kind of chapter it was and what was to come. There were also illustrations throughout that enhanced the story and gave it additional life. This was also really fast-paced, the reader had no problem flying through the story. The characters were good, the reader could see how they’ve developed, not only throughout the trilogy, but in this novel alone. What characters once thought they wanted and what they got really changed them and it was captivating to try and see them get out of situations. There were chapters in the middle of this novel that at first didn’t seem relevant, but they actually let the reader see the characters develop their new powers, which was entertaining to read. The friendship in this novel was really important and it was great to see friendships blossom and become stronger through each obstacle that was thrown at them. Overall, this series was different and full of adventure, and good solid friendship.

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