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Let’s Talk About… ER Season Six

Hi friends, welcome to TV Tuesday. Today I’m back with season six of ER.

Julianna Margulies Pregnant - Pregnancy-calendars.orgHoly does this season start with a bang! Carol is very, very pregnant and she goes to a coffee shop for milk, she leaves just in time for a man to drive a car right into the shop… good lord! Nothing like starting with some excitement!

I forgot how annoying Romano is. Uhhh and he’s spear heading the ER as interim chief.

New character alert! Dr. Luka Kovač, he comes off a little creepy that is supposed to be friendly but it just feels weird when he tries to look after a young girl who is all alone. So he’s a substitute doctor, only comes in when needed.   

Goran Višnjić - Goran Višnjić Fan Art (40887836) - Fanpop

A baby who could possibly have HIV and the mother died so now they have to look for a family to adopt it, but it’s going to be hard. That’s when Jeanie thinks she’ll be the perfect candidate, but she’s not married with no support system… that’s when her boyfriend Reggie, the cop from last season, asks her to marry him… sweet.

ER: Season 6 (1999) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

So now Benton and his ex, Carla are trying to sort out their arrangements with their son. I feel bad for Benton because Carla wants to take him to another country. They are going to court to sort it out. Holy shit, Carla drops a complete bomb saying that Reece might not even be Peter’s son… wow, I hope that’s not some manipulation move because that’s shitty. I’m glad to see Peter stick up and say it is his son.

So now Weaver is the chief of the ER… so what is Romano, ah he’s chief of Staff, which is what Anspaugh was now that he’s retired.

Damn, Elizabeth is now associate chief of surgery. Oh damn, Romano just gave it to her in the middle of a meeting. I feel Elizabeth, that’s something big to just accept and in front of everyone. He should have come to her first, but that’s not Romano’s style. - Tumbex

I have no idea if Elizabeth and Mark are still a thing or are they just friends. Oh no, they’re still a thing.

That’s interesting, so Mark’s mom dies, I would have thought that after we spent time getting to know his mother that we’d see more of her send-off, but all we see is that there was a funeral and Mark and Rachel went.

New character alert: Dave. He’s very witty and I don’t mind watching him. I don’t know what he does, he wears a uniform to suggest he’s a paramedic… but he claims he’s a doctor, I love Benton, “ok Dr. Dave”.  So he’s not a paramedic, just an emergency doctor.

erik palladino | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

What is with this weird romance plot between Carter and his cousin’s ex-wife? I don’t like it at all. Well, that ends when he discovers a lump on her breast and she calls it quits when she finds out she has cancer. Carter, being the sweet boy that he is wants to be there for her, but all he was to her was sex.

mark greene + season two appreciation - TumbexUh-oh Mark is changing the status of a DNR patient, this turns into a whole big thing and Mark is thinking about quitting. I hope not, I like Mark.

Well, Weaver just gave Mark’s job to this new doctor… Gabe, Dr. Lawrence. Mark is not going to play nice.

New character alert, a new peds doctor, Cleo, Dr. Finch. It seems this season has gotten a whole slew of new characters.

i have just helped one person it's been worth it

After Jeanie is told she has no chance of being a mother to the baby, she plans her wedding, and just as she about to leave, she gets the news she can keep the baby as a test run.  

Okaaaay, so Dr. Dave is way too eager to do everything and anything, doesn’t want to miss a thing. Then to add to it he has these similes that are super annoying and kinda mean.

And then there’s Dr. Lawrence who seems to be very forgetful. This is going to be a major plot arch, I feel it.

Meh, I hate how afraid Elizabeth seems around Romano. She’s supposed to be working with him but she just seems to be in fear of him.

They have this huge crisis come into the ER and Dr. Lawrence completely loses it. He can’t remember things, or where he’s supposed to be, and instead of saying he doesn’t know how to use this new method he throws it across the room. Dear lord. Mark can’t deny that he may be too old to be learning new tricks, but Weaver is too much in denial of it because he was her teacher so many years ago.

ER 6.3, Greene With Envy: How Dare Someone Be Better at Medicine Than Mark!  | '90s Flashback

So we have a new desk clerk, Matthew, who does impressions… what happened to Jerry?

Oh, Peter is going to do a DNA test on Reece… oh I hope this turns out for the best. Yes Peter! He tells Carla off about how he’s been there through everything with her and Reece and how much he loves him… damn it’s so freakin’ sweet. Oh and the tears! That was really moving, I hope Carla changes her mind.

Soooo is Jenie leaving the show? She tells Weaver that she’s not coming back to work because she wants to be at home full time. The way she takes her name-tag off her locker and walks away suggests the end for me. Yep, she’s no longer in the main credits… but guess who is, Dr. Dave. Looks like foot in mouth is around to stay.

jeanie boulet | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

And Dr. Kovač is back, now that Dr. Lawrence had to leave due to his memory. That wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be, but Mark and Weaver did trick him a bit to see if he could really work in an ER with high volumes of patients, and well he failed, I guess he’s gone… or well not quite, it looks like we’re going to follow through with his memory health.

GIF er tele fernsehen - animated GIF on GIFERIs Elizabeth allowed to threaten a life like that? This man is accused of kidnapping a woman, and in order to get the info she tells him if he doesn’t spill she’ll let him die. Yikes. So the woman dies, and now it’s coming back that she coerced the man to tell them where she was, which the cops have to throw away because anything coerced is not usable in court. Oh man, this could get sticky.

Carol goes into labour at Thanksgiving… just after she leaves the hospital on the subway. It’s Dr. Kovač who finds her and helps her. She passes out, so he picks her up and walks her the rest of the way to the hospital. How dramatic of him to just drop down when he gets to the doors.

Carol is so adman about not delivering in the ER, but it looks like she’s going to. She has her daughter, Tess in the ER, the second baby, a girl Kate, had to be delivered by emergency C-section. We didn’t think she was going to make it there for a second.
Carol giving birth to Tessღ - Doug and Carol Fan Art (24966926) - Fanpop

Seeing how excited and happy Mark is with the babies is adorable! So Kate is named after Mark’s mother, which I think is sweet.  

I love how painful and real they make childbirth look. Usually shows just breeze over how long and painful it can be. I’ve seen shows try, but damn, this show is really working it… and I never want to be in that position.

So Dr. Dave tells Carter that he did his medical rotations in Geneva… I don’t know to believe him or not… is he going to be another Dr. Lee.

Mark’s father and daughter have come together to Elizabeth’s place to have Thanksgiving dinner. Mark gets called to the hospital due to Carol in labour, so that leave Elizabeth with his family. It turns out better than expected… but something is up with Rachel. Oh, I knew it! So Rachel has her first period… at the age of 10, a little young, but not uncommon. Poor Elizabeth has to deal with that, then to top it off she sends Mark’s father out to get pads and he slips and needs stitches. What a catastrophe.

Lucy has a patient who could benefit greatly by this piece of equipment… the only person who is authorized to use it is Romano, who is away for the holidays. So what does Lucy do… oh she goes over to his house demanding he help her… and the surprising thing is, he does. Those two have an interesting dynamic because he doesn’t seem to hate or abuse her like he does other women.

i have just helped one person it's been worth it

Peter I guess can you can say he won the battle with his ex. His ex is no longer moving to Germany so he gets to keep seeing his son, oh Carla is so pissed, she literally tells Peter, “thanks for running my life” well then.

So Dr. Chan is a new medical intern, starting in the middle of the year, which we find out her father bought her into the program because her program in New York ended. We also learn she almost killed a patient in this ER and that she’s an ok doctor… I think she was in season one she seems familiar, but gosh I don’t remember 100%. Carter does remember her though. She’s this know-it-all, quick talking girl that makes her interesting.

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — Ming Na Wen as Jing-Mei  'Deb' Chen in her first...

Elizabeth has found herself in a sticky situation where she has to take care of the guy who murdered the woman. He’s very arrogant and Elizabeth wants no part of it. She finally gets an in with him where he tells her things so now the police are using that to find other girls he’s kidnapped and killed. What a- I can’t even think of a bad enough name for him.

She’s about to do this procedure on him… but I think she’s killing him.

Oh nope, he’s still alive, but Elizabeth has done her job and fixed him, now he’s set to rot in prison.

It was actually heartwarming to see Dr. Dave being heartfelt to a patient, a young boy who has cancer and isn’t going to make it. It’s different than his goofy self.

dave malucci Tumblr posts -

So Dr. Kovač just dropped a bomb about his family being separated in the war… and being killed, my gosh. 

Lucy and her heart patient, she’s about to get a new heart but she gets a fever, which means infection, which means no new heart. But Lucy is determined and she gets Romano to do these workarounds, but in the end it’s no use. Sad, but see Romano and Lucy work together is refreshingly nice, since he’s not an ass to her.

Okay… new character alert… again, Abby Lockhart, she’s a new third year med student. She was an OB nurse, Carol’s OB nurse, but that’s to pay the bills so that she can go to school. Well, the ER is a whole new battle ground for her.

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — Abby Lockhart's County  General journey : Season 6...

Romano just drops during surgery. He spent the majority of the episode calling women the lesser sex because they were catching the flu, and he drops. He doesn’t have the flu, but kidney stones, ha can’t say I feel bad for him.  

Elizabeth’s mother is in town and her mother is one tough cookie to crack. I can’t tell if her mother is proud or disgusted by what she does. It isn’t until she meets Mark, and they plan a dinner, Elizabeth and her mother, Mark and his father. The parents don’t want to meet, but once they do they can’t stop talking, and comparing whose kid is better, it’s cute.

I also like how easily her mother just puts Romano in his place when he thinks all she’s good for is shopping.

So is Peter is trying to woo the new peds doctor Cleo?

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!? So they have a Valentine’s Day party and Carter can’t believe that Lucy still hasn’t done something from earlier so he goes to check, and the room is dark and then a patient just comes from behind AND STABS CARTER!!! When he falls, he sees Lucy on the floor, HOLY SHIT! THEY CAN’T DIE!

18 Times ER Ripped Your Heart Out And Stomped On It

They take too long to find them, lord! Weaver finally finds them, but is it too late? Seeing Peter so worried about Carter is so sad, but he was stabbed later so he wasn’t sitting as long as Lucy. They try all that they can for her but she unfortunately dies. I’m so sad. Seeing Romano get so pissed off and fighting so hard to save her is so heartbreaking. I can’t believe she’s gone. I hope Carter is going to be okay, he’s out of surgery and talking so I’m hopeful. If he dies, I will cry buckets.

The 9 Saddest 'ER' Episodes Of All Time Will Make Even The Toughest Fans Sob

It looks like Carter is doing okay physically, but mentally I think he may be depressed. I have no idea what he’s going through but I can only imagine how hard it must be.

Lucy’s mother comes to pick up her things, and that was just really sad. She goes to talk to Carter, I think to make her feel better, but it only makes Carter feel worse.

Goran visnjic GIF - Find on GIFEROne thing I can say about Dr. Kovač is that he’s passionate. When a little girl gets hit by a car he does everything in his power to save her. Then when the guy who hit her comes in for stitches he freaks out and demands the police.

This plot with Mark’s dad and Elizabeth’s mother is strange. They are now seeing each other, Elizabeth is furious about it and Mark couldn’t care, then again there are bigger things for him to worry about, apparently there is something wrong. Wait a second, so Mark just finds out that his father has lung cancer that’s spread to his liver, but his father already knew, has known for a while. Seeing his father admit he’s scared was just so sad, yet it felt so real and raw. 

Well, now Mark’s dad is looking into going into a hospice, that’s sad. Mark tells him there’s a waiting list for it, I just think he’s trying to hold on to his dad as long as he can, and I don’t blame him at all.

ERchives — er-county-general: Carter in a tank top...Carter is back at work, and he seems to be doing okay. He seems very agitated and kinda aggressive. When he finds out that Lucy got into the psych program at the hospital I think that’s what’s tipping him over the edge a bit.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Romano say you’re welcome before. Ah, it was more of a sarcastic ‘you’re welcome’. Geez he’s on a rampage. When Weaver disobeys what he asks her, or takes what he suggests under advisory, and he suspenders her. Then when Cleo and Peter screw up a prescription he puts them on probation from writing any prescriptions.  

I’m not into this Cleo and Peter ship, just not at all.

ER" Match Made in Heaven (TV Episode 2000) - IMDb

This weird subtle plot of Carol and Luca is annoying. I hate that they’re trying to force the audience into making these two as a couple. But Carol feels her daughters need a father, which is true. Doug doesn’t really visit but apparently he’s asked Carol to move to Seattle.

carol hathaway | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

So ever since Carter’s been attacked, his grandmother all of a sudden really cares about his well-being. I find it so strange when she calls him John… like I know that’s his name but no one calls him that ever. He’s talking to everyone and anyone who will listen, he even the psycho’s wife. I don’t know if it’s helping any.

Luka and Carol - E.R. couples Image (6392667) - Fanpop

It was only inevitable that Luca and Carol would kiss at some point. After they spend all day together, buying a car, finding the car broken, I’m just really not feeling them, they have no chemistry.

Watching Mark with his father in his last good days is just so sweet, and I’m really glad we’re getting to see it, since everything happened so fast with his mother.

Also Abby is really pushy about everything, and I sorta can’t stand her. All these new characters and their integration to the plots are just not fitting for me this season.

and they made marriage a complete mystery to you — Abby Lockhart's County  General journey : Season 6...

What is up with Kovač? All his patients he’s been messing up. I wonder if we’re going to figure out what’s his deal.

Every episode that goes by I feel bad for Carol. She didn’t agree to raise twins alone, I know Luca is trying to help her, but ehhh.

ER - Parents & Their Children - "Heaven (Little By Little)" - a 12-person  collab! - YouTube

Mark’s father passes, and my gosh, the heartbreak. Seeing Mark just break down like that was just so sad. I’m really glad he has Elizabeth to comfort him. My gosh, both parents in one year must be very, very hard.

I’ve gained some respect for Dr. Dave. He fights for a little girl who was abused by her father. It’s good to see he has some fight for a good cause. But then he tarnishes it when he doesn’t see a patient under his care and shit hits the fan when the patient is discharged and she passes out just outside the ER. I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but I feel bad for him. I feel like there’s a deeper story to him, to why he is the way he is. I feel like he uses all the jokes and childish antics to cope with whatever it is he’s trying to run away from. Now I really want a deep dive on his character.

dave malucci Tumblr posts -

Luca is a bit like Doug in the fact that he just walks away when things get too sticky with authority and a patient.

Speaking of Doug… DOUG!!!! I cried seeing him again, I have missed Carol and Doug, but now I’m scared that Carol is going to move to Seattle for good and be gone. Anyways, so Carol has a patient whose wife is dying of cancer, he tells her about his feelings on soulmates, and that just clicks for her. She has to go to Seattle to see Doug, she still loves him, has since she was 23. I have to say it was so beautiful to see them together again, even though I’ve hated Doug for leaving, and hated Carol for being too proud… I wonder what the future holds for them. Poor Luca, but I wasn’t rooting for them, so I don’t feel too badly.

11 'ER' Moments No True Fan Will Ever Be Able To Forget

So Carol is gone from the show. I’m sad about that.

So now Carter is shooting up with some sort of narcotic drug, and Abby catches him. Carter isn’t sleeping well, he’s spiralling and kinda out of control, but of course he’s denying everything. I feel so bad for him, but he seriously needs help. Wow Weaver and Mark are rounding up all the troupes to have an intervention, oh dear. Are we going to lose Carter? It’s either going to rehab, or he’s fired, well he walks out and quits. It’s Peter who, uses Carter’s cousin as an example, to talk him down, because the roles are now reversed, who would have thought? I’m glad to see that Peter is going with Carter to get help.

Dr. Brenton and Dr. Carter. 💔😥 | Noah wyle, Tv drama, Emergency room

What is with Kovač, my god he’s so pushy. My god, I thought Kovač was going to jump in front of the subway, I really thought that was how this season was going to go out. I’m very glad it didn’t.

Of course this season we lost a few faces, but we gained a heck of a lot. I’m still trying get used to them, maybe if they stick around long enough I’ll start to warm up to them.

er gifs Page 6 | WiffleGif

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… ER Season Six

  1. PLEASE DONT EVER STOP WRITING ER POSTS!!!! They are my favourite posts ever! 😊😊😊😊 That whole season though… ooof it was like whiplash getting to know all the new characters. Dave can choke! Never warmed to him lol 😂 ABBY THOUGH. AHHHHHH I ended up loving Abby in future seasons. And Luca…. it was SO forced with him and Carol. Like he was so cast as a second rate George Clooney and his first season was definitely a bit meh, but once Carol left to go off with Doug (YASSSSSSS THAT REUNION WAS EVERYTHING!) but anyway, once carol left I really felt Luca got soooo much more interesting and his backstory was so moving. And OMG same as you, they were all like oh Chan was here before and I was like eh???? I watched the show RELIGIOUSLY and did not remember her at all. But the best storyline that season had to be the Carter Lucy stabbing. SHOOKETH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I was like no. This can’t he happening. Lucy is SUCH a good character and BAM!!!!!! And then the fallout for Carter…. ugh so emotional but fabulous telly. They don’t make shows like ER anymore. God I miss it. Ooh and yes. Benton and Cleo felt SO freaking forced as a couple. I never felt their connection at all. Actually Cleo was pretty meh overall. I can’t remember any significant or meaningful storylines for her which is a shame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA! Well, you’re in luck because I have every season already written. I finished the show earlier this year but I decided to wait to post my wrap-ups until I finished the show to avoid spoilers (as I’ve learned the hard way writing about other TV shows that have all the seasons out 😂).
      But I love reliving each of the moments all over again!

      It’s funny I didn’t remember who Dave was, I had to google it aha but I kinda warmed up to him because I swear he had a soft side under his extremely annoying demeanour. I love Abby too, she went through so much in the span of her run on the show so I look forward to rereading them all. I never warmed up to Luca to be honest; everyone saw him as this handsome, dark mysterious man and I’m like he’s a guy with anger issues (granted his past I get it, but he needs to work those out).
      I agree with you, the reunion with Doug and Carol was SO sweet and I loved it.
      I was SO not prepared for the stabbing of Carter and Lucy. I agree Lucy was a great character, but Carter will always be my favourite!
      ME TOO! I don’t remember much about Cleo either, she did nothing for me and I didn’t really like her with Benton.
      Thank you so much Éimhear for your comment, means the world to talk ER with you! ❤️


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