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Review: All Together Now

Hi friends, happy Monday I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Alan Doyle’s book All Together Now.

I read this for my Canada Reads project (reading all the nominated books for #CanadaReads)

All Together Now

All Together Now by: Alan Doyle: Written to shine some light and give some hope in these dark COVID times; this book weaves together tales from the road and tales from home by Canadian singer/songwriter Alan Doyle of the band Great Big Sea. These stories were quick and an overall joy to read; some made a more lasting impression than others but together they flowed nicely into one another. Doyle is a skilled writer and knows his way around telling a story; through each one the reader can feel how much he loves life and appreciates not just the big things in his life, but the little ones too. Although, the stories he talked about were mostly him on the road and laughing about with his buddies, and as much as the reader enjoyed the stories and appreciated them, they couldn’t connect to all of them as much as they’d like to. This was still definitely a merry, easy read that the reader had no problems breezing through to find a little joy.


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