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Let’s Talk About… The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Four

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all keeping well! Welcome back to TV Tuesday! Today I’ll be talking all about the fourth and final season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

First off, I can’t believe this is the last season we’re getting from this show. This show is so good – I don’t want it to end! But alas, we start the final season off with Sabrina… feeling really lonely and really left out.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — Sabrina Spellman – Leo Sigh

Now that she’s defeated the demons in hell, she’s back in the mortal world feeling like her friends moved on. Harvey and Roz are together; Robin and Theo are together, and very cute I might add… and then there’s Sabrina, all alone.

So what does she do? She creates a monster, Bloody Mary, which sidebar here – how did they not know who Bloody Mary was? I was shocked when Sabrina had to explain her to them, anyways she creates a fake Bloody Mary so she can hunt monsters with her friends again. To give them a reason to hangout. It’s Roz, who after everything is said and done, asks Sabrina why she made it up. She tells Sabrina she could see it with her cunning.

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After her little fun, real monsters are starting to show up in Greendale.

The first is this darkness that takes over. It takes all of the witches powers to save the coven and to restore light back to the town. But when things start to take a turn for the worst, Sabrina has this crazy idea to pay a visit to her twin sister in hell for some help.

I have to say, watching the two Sabrinas was so much fun. I love that they call each other ‘secret best friends’ so cute!

Sabrina's season 4 finale just did the unthinkable

After the two use their combined forces to take down the darkness, hell Sabrina is supposed to go back to hell, but she stays a little but longer and I think that was really good for witch/mortal world Sabrina. Sabrina really needed someone and her secret best friend was there for her. This is when hell Sabrina tells her that she’s getting married… to Caliban. At first, witch Sabrina is furious, she can’t see why she would do that – I won’t lie I was a little surprised too.Post [639675686373752832] - - Tumbex

So witch Sabrina and Lilith go on a quest to try and break them up. They try to get Caliban to prove his worth and they don’t think he will, but he does. This shocks witch Sabrina but not hell Sabrina and so at this point there’s no stopping them. I thought it was really sweet the extra mile Caliban would go for his bride-to-be.

Well, after the darkness things didn’t die down, no instead these dead zombie-like creatures are roaming the town looking for people to kill. They enter people’s homes and when they are turned away they rip out the human’s heart and kill them. Gross, but effective.

It’s when one shows up at Roz’s house she can see through the zombie look and see they just want to be asked to come in. So when Roz lets it into her home, it doesn’t kill her. In that same night, it’s Harvey who wakes up after drawing all these crazy horrible things.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 10 Most Heartbreaking Things About The Final SeasonDead people are piling up at the Spellman’s morgue and Ambrose is curious what is happening. Once he learns from Roz what happened to her he believes these creatures are called the uninvited. And once he sees the drawings we then learn that his drawings are part of the Eldritch Terrors and there are six more to come, for a total of eight. Oh boy are we in for a ride!

Meanwhile, Blackwood has got all these creepy crawlies up his sleeves. He’s starting up his own church with his disciples hand-picked. When an uninvited shows up at his church, he cleans it up, then sends it to Aunt Hilda’s wedding. Ugh!

To say Aunt Hilda had a nice wedding would be like saying spiders are cute… it was a mess. First, Sabrina and Nick turn away the uninvited – not realizing what it was since it was disguised, then Sabrina makes a very drunk speech about love, or the lack thereof in her own life. It was so painful to watch. She’s so desperate for this love that everyone else has found that she thinks to create herself a boyfriend from scratch. Only bad things can come from this.

Back to the wedding though, the uninvited shows up once more and rips out Dorian Gray’s heart, colour me shocked! So then it’s Sabrina who steps up and has a plan to banish this evil. She and hell Sabrina come up with a plan; in hell, at hell Sabrina’s wedding, witch Sabrina stops her wedding so they can have a double wedding – Caliban and hell Sabrina, the uninvited and witch Sabrina. Once married, the two Sabrinas trap him into a room in their dollhouse and banish it away.

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ends run with disappointing finale | Ars Technica

Unfortunately, after that the two Sabrinas must say goodbye to one another and live their separate lives.

dr cerberus on TumblrAnd after all that, Aunt Hilda finally gets to say all the things she wants to say to her groom and it’s just so beautiful… so much so it makes Aunt Zelda cry. Aunt Zelda does not take Hilda moving out very well. She’s angry all the time and she can’t seem to function without her near… I think that’s very sweet, but at the same time Zelda got a little too dependent on Hilda, who would have thought?

The next Eldritch Terror to take over is called the weird. It goes to Blackwood because it wants to possess Sabrina’s body and you know he’s not going to say no to that. So, a corpus shows up one day with the weird inside and it takes control of Sabrina.

At the same time, a new boy has joined their school, Lucas, and of course Sabrina is all over him. I thought at first, that that was the boyfriend she created, but I slowly learned that wasn’t the case.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Every Song On Season 4's SoundtrackThey hang out together; make out together… until Sabrina’s tongue becomes a tentacle, ew! So it’s Ambrose and Nick of all people, who help to expel the weird from her body. Just when they think they’ve done it… it’s still in her and they must do it again. I have to say, Nick is SO sweet, like melt my heart. The way he cares about Sabrina, I just want to hug him! Can they get back together? Please and thanks.

Ambrose is able to trap it and once Sabrina is back to normal, Lucas has moved on and transferred to Riverdale, Sabrina goes, probably for the best and I’m like oh god no.

It’s after this that Sabrina cancels making her perfect boyfriend and says that she feels she needs to learn to be alone for now. I like Sabrina’s decision to be alone to figure herself out. I like that journey that she had to go on to realize that.

Meanwhile, a cruse has been put on Lilith by Caliban, in that she will have Lucifer’s baby… at that moment. So Lilith goes to the coven to help with labour and to have protection over her son, Adam… interesting choice in name. I’m curious where that is going to go. I also really enjoyed the birth scene because talk about team birth!

Lilith gives birth with the help of coven | chilling adventures of sabrina 4x3 - YouTube

And Roz finds out that… she’s a witch! All the time she just thought she was a seer but it’s Mambo Marie who tells her, well actually shows her, her true origin.

Prudence doesn’t want to believe it… it isn’t until Roz passes her test with flying colours that Prudence starts to believe. I like that the two of them are getting closer. Now those three who are keeping an eye out for the terrors because they keep coming.

Jaz Sinclair as Rosalind Walker in season 1, episode 9, of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. (Source: Netflix) | Jaz sinclair, Sabrina, Black girl aestheticRoz wants to tell Harvey her news, but she doesn’t know how. In the end she does and I was not expecting him to be such a dick about it. You’d think after everything he’s gone through with Sabrina and everything in their town it wouldn’t phase him, but he’s actually pissed about it. Well, alright then.

So Blackwood actually makes this next terror happen. When Prudence tries to kill him he uses the Imp of the Perverse to alter reality. And WOW what a reality.

So no one remembers who they are except Sabrina and Roz. They think they’re immune because they’ve already had contact with an Eldritch Terror.Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Anywho’s it’s like the Nazi-like place where he’s eradicating witches but executing them. It’s now up to Sabrina and Roz to try and put the town back together. Sabrina tries with Ambrose and her aunts but they don’t remember. Roz tries with Harvey, but he’s become a part of Blackwood’s army.

When Ambrose leaves Greendale he’s able to remember who he is, but once he goes back it won’t be long before he forgets again. When he finds the answer to breaking the curse, in the form of a stone, it’s with the help of Robin that they dash back and explain.

The stone soup works and together they form this alliance to take down Blackwood… again.

I love how they all come together to take him down. Of course Blackwood doesn’t make it easy, but the quips and jabs in-between were really good.

When they get the world back to the way it was, Prudence gets her vengeance and stabs her father, Blackwood.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 10 Big Questions We Need Answered In Season 4 - CINEMABLEND

And after everything in that alternate reality Harvey apologizes for his behaviour and tells Roz that he’s there for her, aww that was what I wanted in the beginning!

And then there’s Nick and Sabrina. NICK STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR SABRINA OMG HE TELLS HER “WE’RE END GAME” I’M DONE. I think they are really cute together, but I also support Sabrina in her choices because Nick did hurt her and there’s no excuse for that, but man, they be cute!Chilling Adventures of Sabrina discovered by Bian

Well, next thing we know an earthquake happens and it’s because the two Sabrinas exist, so Sabrina has to come clean to her aunts that there are two of her. When Zelda yells at Ambrose that a 16-year-old bullied him to keeping the secret – that was great, Ambrose’s facial expressions are the best.

So the keeper of heaven comes down and tells them what their options are: either one Sabrina dies or they merge into one – they agree to merge as long as they get one day to live like they want, they get 6 hours. So, hell Sabrina spends it with witch Sabrina’s friends while witch Sabrina spends it with Nick. OMG THEY GET BACK TOGETHER MY HEART! I got what I asked for.

Sabrina and Nick's Best GIFs From Chilling Adventures | POPSUGAR Entertainment

No one can believe that those are the only two options, but the Sabrinas have made their choice. They feel that they created this mess, they should be the ones to clean it up.

But alas, a third option is brought to the table; instead of one dying or they merging, one can be sent to another realm … so they rock paper scissors it; classic. Hell Sabrina loses and she goes into the mirror to a different realm. Once she reaches the other side, her aunts then become the aunts from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom from the 90s/00s and a laugh track to boot – the scream I let out.

Original Aunts from the '90s "Sabrina" Series Will Appear in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"! [Video] - Bloody Disgusting

There’s also Theo and Robin, MY HEART. Robin tells Theo there’s an evil coming and to go with him in the forest so they can be safe but Theo can’t leave his friends so he tells Robin to go without him. So heartbreaking!

So the next Eldritch terror is bringing dead people back to life and it totally fucks with everyone. Sabrina’s father is back, Dr. C’s mother, Zelda’s dog, a punk band. I love the music that they chose to cover. Omg the Time Warp I think was my fave, even though Sabrina’s cover of Sweet Child o’ Mine was really good – she’s got so much spunk; I was not prepared for her to say ‘are you ready to lose your shit!’ that was good.

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In the end it’s actually Lilith who kills the terror after finding out her son is dead. She just goes and kills it. Now Marie can lead all the dead souls back to where they came from. This is where we learn that Marie isn’t who we thought she was. Now that the dead can go back, she too, can go and that means saying goodbye to Zelda. I don’t think Zelda appreciated being lied to but she’s so graceful in how she handles it.

Theo asks Robin to come back for their band in order to help slay the dead punk band, and after it’s all said and done Theo asks Robin to stay and Robin goes that’s all I’ve ever wanted and I’M MELTING.

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What was that second last episode?! For the most part I didn’t care for it, but there were elements I liked, like how they chose to bash the filming industry a bit by pointing out the subtly sexist and racist things that go on that get overlooked all the time; that was great, the whole meta TV show inception I didn’t like. The episode had a terror element to it, but it wasn’t enough for me to like it.

I was surprised to see more of hell Sabrina; I honestly didn’t think we’d see her again. She steps through the mirror to go to another realm and she ends up in a sitcom… or that’s what I thought at first, but it was really a set of the show, where they’re filming the first episode over and over.

This is an Eldritch terror called the endless where it’s just their life on loop. Sabrina has to find out how to break the curse of this Eldritch terror, but it’s hard when all she wants to do it break away from script, but there’s fear of the “green room”.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—Chapter Thirty-Five: “The Endless” – Father Son Holy Gore

Eventually as the world starts coming down on her, she realizes this thing called the Void is coming and she tries to go off script to save herself and others… only it’s then she realizes that everyone, except for talking Salem, are part of the Void.

Somehow she manages to get back to the real world, witch Sabrina’s world, to warn her of the Void… but then she dies.

I think they rushed that series finale. They could have at least given us another episode instead of these ‘2 weeks later’ interludes as they try to destroy this void.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4: Ending Explained | Den of Geek

Witch Sabrina is torn with guilt about hell Sabrina that she goes into the Void to try and trap it for good. Salem warns everyone what she has done and they try to bring her back… but they can’t. So they use hell Sabrina’s body to bring back the soul of witch Sabrina, kinda clever.

Sabrina is angry that she didn’t get to finish trapping the Void… but everything seems to be back to normal… well until Lilith tells Lucifer about his daughter and he’s pissed which inspires him to create an army to take down the witches. That only goes so far because Sabrina has these crazy powers from the cosmos and she’s zapping people left and right, including Harvey’s dad. This terrifies her and she’s afraid of what she can do that she banishes herself where no one can find her.

Long story short, Nick can find her and he does. Meanwhile, Sabrina finds herself in this frozen realm where she meets Blackwood, of all people. He wants to open the Void because he’s the one who created this big mess. When the gang find out what he’s up to, they have to finish what Sabrina started – trapping the Void.

They beat Blackwood at his own game and now they have to bring everyone back who were zapped into I guess you’d call it a void.

Sabrina becomes the sacrifice to help bring everyone back… they can’t be too long in this void or else Sabrina could die. Welp.

I do like that Sabrina knew she was going to die, when Hilda realizes that, oh my heart, but it gave her the chance to say goodbye to everyone and I really liked that. I thought, for a show that was ending, that worked well… and then we got the last 5 minutes…

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Season 4 Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly | Fangirlish

Excuse me?! That’s how it ends? Nick kills himself to be with Sabrina?! So that they can be together forever?! That’s the way we’re going to end it?! Man, I’m not going to lie that was a little bit of a letdown; it was cute but underwhelming. They should have just left it at Sabrina dying.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Ending Explained

This makes me wonder if they did that in case they ever do come back… Sabrina in the afterlife realm… please make the show come back! Oh! I almost forgot, I love that Prudence finally got her revenge on her father and killed him – that made me happy!

I’m going to miss this show; it was so well casted, acted, and the plots were just SO good.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina — Julia Bell

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