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Let’s Talk About… ER Season Three

Hi friends, welcome to TV Tuesday. Today I’m back with season three of ER.

This season starts with a bang. It’s Carter’s first day as an intern and boy is it full of crazy surprises. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong pretty much, but he somehow survives. Everyone is calling him as he’s the surgery intern. You can see how new this all is to him, especially when he asks for the doctor… and he’s the doctor.Ambush | ER wiki | Fandom

I have to say though; it is fun watching Carter grow up as a doctor.

For the rest of our characters, Carol is back, I guess she didn’t quit for long… I hope we get more on that. We see Shep for all of 30 seconds and he’s seeing someone else now. What a guy.

Mark is trying to date, but well he’s not very good at it, and it looks like Doug is just hiding girlfriends left and right.

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So Jeanie finds out that she does have AIDS, but she’s in the clinic about to get checked out when she’s told by this other doctor who’s been in her shoes, not to say anything because it’ll change the way everyone treats her, and her work. I think that’s dumb, but we’ll see how it goes. She’s already lied to Weaver and now she wants Benton to keep his mouth shut. Benton also goes for the test and finds out it’s negative, I had a feeling he wasn’t going to get it.

Wow because Benton knows she has AIDS he pushes her out of the way so she won’t come in contact with patients who are bleeding.

I don’t like where Doug’s plot is going with all the women.

I also don’t like that they are making both Mark and Susan’s dates to go bad so that they end up together instead… I don’t like this manipulation.

Top 30 Laura Innes GIFs | Find the best GIF on GfycatSo the hospital (or the ER it’s not really clear to me) is running the risk of closing down, everyone is worried about being out of a job. But guess what, they don’t close and everyone has a party.

Carol is having a time. So her car gets towed and she can’t afford any of the repairs for the house. She’s trying to sell her house, only even that isn’t working. Her mother thinks she should get money from her rich uncle, I wonder what she’s going to do.

Ugh, so Susan is going to Hawaii… I’m happy for her, but then she asks Mark to go with her. Now it’s all awkward between them, and I hate it.

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Weaver is trying to guilt trip Jeanie into spilling that she’s sick, but I think she already knows and she’s actually okay with looking the other way. That’s not like her at all.

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New characters alert. So we have a few new ones, but I don’t think they’ll last until next season, but we shall see. So Dennis Gant is one of Benton’s interns. He’s getting along swell with Carter; I actually really like their friendship.

Then there’s Doyle who is shadowing everyone pretty much. She gets off on the wrong foot with Carol… but it turns out they went to the same high school… I have a feeling these two are going to become close.

I don’t understand why Benton is getting involved in pediatrics… he’s not very good with, well anyone, let alone kids. It shows, I’m glad someone else is telling him that he needs to be nicer pretty much. It also helps that it’s a doctor he really looks up to.

A woman Doug was with ends up dying when she was with him. Well this really destroys him. As much as he doesn’t want to show it. I like that Carol is supporting him and is there for him. I wonder if this is going to make him change his ways.

Dennis Gant | ER wiki | Fandom

So Carter’s apartment, and the building burns to the ground… talk about dramatic… so he’s going to move in with Gant.

Well I’m glad that Mark didn’t go away with Susan… even though Susan didn’t make it to Hawaii instead she ended up in Phoenix to visit Susie and Chloe. But Mark has become obsessed with her… he’s even gotten Carol involved and she thinks Mark should ask her out. All Susan says is that she’s busy, but Mark reads it as a hard no, and he makes it that she’s seeing this other doctor. UGH. I am hating this. Finally, he goes and talks to her about it, turns out she was talking to the other doctor to gather her transcripts as she’s transferring to Phoenix.

Does that mean she’s leaving the show?!

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Mark also has this thing with Doug and it’s getting annoying. He keeps undermining Doug all because he brought a girl he didn’t know into the ER and she died; clearly Mark is jealous in some weird way, but ugh. I’m glad to see the two work it out.

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Benton’s first big baby case and he totally blows it… he thinks he knows everything again, and does what he does on every other patient, but a 10-day old baby is a little different. The baby isn’t looking good, and things don’t look like they’re going to look up, until miraculously she starts to get better; talk about fluky.

Carter has something going with the head peds doctor, Abby. This can go one of two ways, really, really well, or it’s going to crash and burn.

They have a wedding in the ER, talk about crazy! One of the nurses, Lydia gets married and it’s kinda wonderful.

So Jeanie and Weaver are now friends? Weaver wants to know all about her life, weird.

It’s officially Susan’s last day and of course Mark is acting like a dick. He’s so into her that he’s having a hard time letting her go… I wouldn’t be surprised if she 1) doesn’t go or 2) doesn’t leave for long.

Mark is apparently renting her apartment now.

Wow Benton actually admitted that he didn’t know what he was doing, That’s a first! Look at him, growing and learning.

What, Mark is going to run around all of Chicago to say goodbye and that he loves Susan, bleh. Ew he asks her to stay, and he tells her he loves her, they kiss, but she still leaves. Tell me how they’re acting like they’re never going to see each other again… there are trains and planes they can visit each other. - Tumbex

Well, they took her name out of the main credits so she must truly be gone.

So, now that Susan’s gone Mark has gone from mopey love sick guy to salty, shady guy. Uh I can’t believe how much I hate him right now. I also can’t believe I’m taking Weaver’s side on something.

Jeanie’s ex-husband comes in and Mark finds out he has AIDS. That leaves him to question if Jeanie is positive. He asks her and obviously she lies because that’s how she’s dealing with this. Mark deliberately goes behind her back to look at her files because he thinks she’s lying. When he goes to Weaver about it, she doesn’t seem fazed by it, and he takes that as suspicious too. God, what a dick. Weaver gets really mad at him when she finds out what he did, and I’m all for her sticking up for Jeanie this time because what Mark did was absolutely wrong.

I don’t know what Mark plans to do now that he knows. He’s confronted Jeanie, and she obviously got mad, but there was nothing of her losing her job.

I keep forgetting that Carol is studying physics until we see her doing so. I love that her partner is this teenager, and it’s funny to see them study together. It’s also good to see her getting along with Doug too. He really wants to cheer her on and I like the two of them.

Doug and Carol - E.R. couples Image (6065513) - Fanpop

Weaver and Mark have been left to make the decision about having HIV positive doctors working in the hospital. It’s a lot, but I’m glad that in the end Jeanie and Mark can get along and they have agreed to let her stay, and she’s decided to stay.

On this same plot she comes out to everyone; that didn’t take as long as I thought it would for her to come clean.

So Mark ends up with a dog… when a homeless man comes in with it, but dies, Mark is pretty much left with it. I think this could be good for him. At first he thinks he’s going to give it to his daughter, Rachel, but when he finds out Jennifer’s new man bought her two dogs, he decides to keep the dog, Nick.

How is Doug always finding stray people. He’s been helping this fourteen-year-old, Charlie, help a baby she’s looking after, but when the mother of the baby finds out she took the baby to the hospital she’s furious at Charlie. So now that she doesn’t have a home she goes to Doug… and he can’t let her stay on the street on Christmas Eve so he brings her to Carol. Those two are getting kinda cute.

ER Fan Forum on Twitter: "Kirsten Dunst and Julianna Margulies this week. Remember Kirsten on S3 of ER as a girl Doug and Carol tried to help?"

So Benton is really hard on Dennis, much harder than he was with Carter. Benton’s said it’s because he’s black that he has to know that he has to work harder, but he really goes over the line. I don’t think Dennis is the type of person to say anything though, or well say anything to the right people; he really likes to complain to Carter though. You can tell Carter is getting tired of hearing it. At first I thought Carter was blowing him off to be with Dr. Keaton, Abby, but every scene we see Dennis in he’s complaining.

So Dennis does go to Benton’s superior to complain, it becomes this big thing that ends in Carter having to make the decision if he thought it was inappropriate, well Carter says no… when it was Carter’s idea to say something in the first place. Carter should have been more specific on who to go to; if Dennis has a problem with Benton, he should have said something to Benton. I also don’t think it should have been up to Carter to make the decision, but I have a feeling Dennis will want to get back at Carter for this.

Holy shit! They get a trauma where a guy jumped in front of a train… only it as Dennis… oh my god.

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I still don’t know why Benton is so determined to do another peds rotation. He’s asking for one more chance, he’s told that if Benton gets a recommendation from Keaton, then he’d been allowed to do another round. Well he goes to talk to her, he finds Keaton and Carter together.  I knew it was going to be Benton to who found out. Keaton still doesn’t give him the recommendation though.

Uh oh, is Mark going to get in trouble for helping a patient even though they don’t want the help? No, instead he’s going to hook up with a nurse. That doesn’t last very long, but Mark has seemed to turn into the new Doug. He’s juggling 3 women like what? Well he loses all 3 women, rather fast and ends up on a date with Doug, go figure.

Julianna Margulies as Carol Hathaway - ER | Medical drama, Michael crichton, Julianna marguliesHuh, so Carol needs to fire two nurses and she has no idea how she can make that decision; in the end it’s Randy the clerk who gives Carol the idea to change things so she doesn’t have to fire anyone… the nurses are not happy about the proposal.

I didn’t think that Denis was going to make it. Carter is having a really hard time with it, thinking he could have done something, thinking he should have been a better friend, and he also blames Benton for being so hard on him. Man, watching him is so heartbreaking.

Doug is having a tough time with Charlie. She gets beaten on the street and so he’s now really concerned about her. She takes this as him caring about her and she thinks he’s going to take her in. You know Doug would be a great father, but we also know he’s not ready. They also find her mother, and she’s okay with Doug just taking her kid, that’s odd. Well he just walks out and that’s the end of that plot for now.

So Benton is going to be a father, wow. That came out of left field. The girl he was seeing is pregnant and he has no idea what to do. Days later he’s in a lot of pain… he’s be acting super weird too.

Carter has too much fun doing surgery on Benton when he finds out he has appendicitis. I laughed really hard at it. The photos they take, oh man all the doctors have fun with it.

Appendectomy | ER wiki | Fandom

Carol is having a time. She accidently gives a man wrong blood and he dies. The media catch wind of it and the nurses all think it’s the hospitals way of trying to sway their contract (as it happened on a nurse walkout). Carol is mad that no one cares that she killed a man. She takes it so far that they suspend her.

I don’t like the guy Jeanie is seeing, he seems so arrogant.

Ewan McGregor, Julianna Margulies, and Mason Gamble at an event for ER (1994) | Julianna margulies, Mason gamble, JuliannaWe spend a lot of time with Carol. She gets caught in a corner store hostage situation. The one guy has a gun and shoots an old man, who ends up dying. Because of that Carol sympathizes with him because she knows what it’s like to kill a man. She’s really affected by the man she killed. She ends up escaping with the guy, but he doesn’t get very far; she tries to save his life after he’s been shot, but she can’t.

I have to say Carol was badass the whole time she kept her cool and tried to save people as best she could. It’s a little bit later and she finds out she got her job back. I’m happy for her because that situation shows how much she loves her job.

Benton is really going through something. He’s really secluded and what seems like depressed. I’m actually shocked that he’s opened up to talk to someone about it though, as that is not how Benton usually operates. He’s really changing.

Benton is all concerned about the baby now. When he finds out the mother is in the ER he starts to really worry. When he tears up seeing the ultrasound, that was truly sweet. Now he’s trying to get back into her life so he can be a part of his son’s life.

Dr. John Carter - Dr. John Carter fan Art (41130881) - FanpopCarter is becoming the new Benton! He goes against what the chief of surgery thinks and fools another doctor to run an operation on a patient to save his life. The chief doesn’t think the patient will survive. Well in the end the patient does survive but his residency is in the balance. The chief puts him on probation, so he’s not kicked out (which I didn’t think he would be), but that other doctor is pissed.

Mark is having a lot of troubles with Rachel, but I can see where Rachel is coming from. She just wants her dad’s attention and she’s not getting it. So she’s starting to tell people she has Leukemia because all she sees is her father helping sick people, maybe if she says she’s sick he’ll notice her too… let’s see where this goes.

Carol is really trying to get through to med school, and I love watching this journey. So she does get in, but now she’s beginning to question if she wants to become doctor. She knows she’s really good at her job as a nurse.

Damn! So Mark had a patient weeks ago who died. At first it seemed to be an issue of race, since he was a person of colour, but then he died and the brother was furious. Now flash forward to present and the family got a hospital bill that they don’t want to pay due to the fact that 1) he died and 2) there was a delay in getting the body. So the brother comes around and at first inadvertently threatens Mark that if his family receives another bill… When Mark just walks away since he can’t do anything about the payments and assuming the family did get another bill, he goes and attacks Mark in one of the hospital washrooms.

ER 3.20, Random Acts: Who Among Us Hasn't Wanted to Punch Mark in the Face? | '90s Flashback

Okay, they don’t outright say it’s him who attacked Mark, but I still firmly believe it has something to do with that case.

Mark is back at work weeks later, he’s totally got PTSD, I hope nothing bad happens. I wrote that too soon because damn he flips out when he can’t identify who attacked him.

Carla Reese | ER wiki | FandomBenton’s baby comes two months early, now his son is in the baby ICU and Benton has become a full on dad trying everything to save his life… it’s actually quite cute to watch. You can definitely see the change in him, and it’s a good change.

So Jeanie is all of a sudden back to seeing her ex-husband Al again. They’re cute together, better than that other guy she was kinda seeing.

Carter wants to move to emergency medicine from surgery and the chief of surgery, Anspaugh, isn’t willing to let him go because he’d rather put Carter through hell, this guy is worse than Benton ever was. He talks to Weaver to see if she can put in a good word… he even is willing to go without pay… damn. Oof, even Weaver can’t get through. He’s stuck in surgery. Oooohhhhh man, the feud between Carter and Anspaugh is i-n-t-e-n-s-e. After a yelling match in front of everyone, Carter finally gets to state his claim and Anspaugh actually hears him out.

Wow, just when you think things couldn’t get worse for Mark, he gets haggled on the subway for money. He puts a gun to them to get them to leave him alone. Man, can he not catch a break. Holy shit, they make us think Mark is going to take the gun to commit suicide, but instead he throws the gun.

Aw, Doug is trying to be a Big Brother… I think that’s amazing.

Oh no, Charlie is back in the ER, she’s a complete mess… and of course she runs away, and of course the season just ends without her being found.

Oh so after a season of teasing Carol and Doug are going to become a thing?

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This was an another intense season, but I can’t wait to see what is in store for season four.

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