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Review: Born a Crime

Hi friends, happy Monday; I hope that everyone is doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime.

Born a Crime

Born a Crime by: Trevor Noah: This book was Trevor’s story; how he was literally born a crime, to growing up mixed in an all-black family, his poor yet hyper active childhood, to his business days as a teen and everything in between. This book explores the coming of age of a boy who had to face a lot of adversity with his fierce mother as a teammate. This book was so well written and so well told. Noah is a natural storyteller; with each personal essay, no matter how dark the subject got, he was able to pull humour out, yet still keep the severity of the subject. His stories were really eye opening and they broadened the reader’s mind to the way we perceive the world. Where you’re from shapes the way we think and Noah really pointed that out in his stories and it left the reader with a lot to think about. It was also just awe-inspiring to read everything he went through in his life and it was beautiful ode to his mother. This was an inspiring and captivating read that really let the reader get a glimpse into Noah’s life and the person he is; a definite must read. 

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