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Let’s Talk About… ER Season Two

Hi friends, welcome to TV Tuesday. Today I’m back with season two of ER. 

I have to say the first episode of the season didn’t really hook me back into the show, it took me at least the second episode to realize why I love the show. The acting is great and the characters care so much.

So everyone seems to be in a different place this season. Let’s start with Mark, he’s now resident chief and in charge of more. I’m assuming he’s made well with his wife as he’s commuting on the train every day.

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Susan is trying to do everything. So we find out her sister came back and is helping to take care of the baby, and she’s going to computer classes and working. Only once we find that out, we learn that she’s actually dropped out of the classes and quit her job. Susan feels like she’s been pretty much abandoned and I don’t blame her. On top of worrying about her sister she’s worried about the baby since she might be sick with a cold, which she freaks out over just like a mom. I like how caring Ross is, he takes care of them both.

Nothing too drastic has changed with him… yet.

Carter, well he’s acting like this big hotshot because there are new medical students… I miss his white coat. He’s also gotten really cozy with one of the students.

Peter is still grumpy, but maybe not as grumpy. He’s also sleeping with a married woman, which is just going to end badly I can tell.

Julianna Margulies as Carol Hathaway - ER | Medical drama, Television show,  Michael crichton

Carol is now working as a paramedic these days? That’s a new role for her, but she looks good so that’s a good sign. So her ride-along Chef? Is that really his name? … it’s Shep, has a thing for her and he asks her out. She’s obviously hesitant, but she goes out. I’m not really sure what their deal is.

Mark had to hire a chief of staff… Dr. Weaver and no one likes her. She’s bossy and in everyone’s faces, what’s to do things her way and change things up. Oh boy. Of course she walks in when Doug is making fun of her and everyone is laughing. It doesn’t help that Weaver is crippled so they really played on that. ER lovers 💓 | Best fiction movies, Celebrities then and now, Medical tv  series

They do apologize, but after she and Susan have this bog blow up in front of a patient. I’m hoping that things get better between Weaver and the rest of the team.

So it’s pretty much official Chloe has left the building… possibly the state. She’s rather do her own thing than raise her baby. Susan at first thinks about adopting little Susie, but I think she’s leaning toward adopting her to another couple.

I also don’t like how this new role for Mark has made him so distant to everyone. I feel like we barely see the old Mark anymore.

Susan goes back and forth a lot with letting go of the little Susie in the end she is going to adopt her, aw I’m happy. I wonder how she’s going to handle a baby and work/school.

Man, everyone is just mad at Doug. First of all he goes against one of the head pedestrians doctor by wanting to keep a little boy for observations, but he doesn’t really need it so his job is on the line.

Then he goes and sleeps with one of the new students Harper. That just makes it awkward between them. But then she calls it off with Carter pretty much. I feel bad for him. I think she’s the only one who calls Carter, John his first name… he looks more like a Carter. 

Then Mark gets mad at Doug because they both could lose their job, what a hot mess.

ER" Home (TV Episode 1995) - IMDb

Also, I thought when they hired Randy, this new desk clerk they were trying to get rid of Jerry… no instead Randy (who is a girl) has a thing for him and she’s killer with weapons, like damn.

Carol is now all of a sudden buying a house.

Looking Too Closely — Hell and High Water (11/9/95) ER Season 2,...

Ok, so Doug actually gets fired! While looking for another job and feeling frustrated he runs into this little boy whose brother has got his foot stuck and could drown.

This really becomes a big spectacle, so big that the local news end up covering it. He becomes this giant hero, and thank goodness the boy lives. I have to say it was quite the episode you were on the edge of your seat with wonder.

He ends up with his job back at the hospital and an award from the city. They make this whole big deal and of course Doug just doesn’t really want any of it. He does accept the award, but ends up throwing it in the river.

Plus, the rift that was happening between him and Mark was getting super annoying. I’m hoping that they can call everything a day.

So Carol is no longer dating that weird Shep guy… or maybe. These guys flip flop so much I’m not sure how I feel about them. When he does tell her he loves her, ohmygosh is that ever the sweetest thing!

Also side-note about Carol, what kind of house did she buy? Like it’s falling apart, I do like how they have their Christmas party there.

Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles: ER - The Homes Of The Doctors  And Workers From County General

The woman, Jeanie, Benton was sleeping around with now seems to be working with him full time, and talk about awkward, and of course Benton doesn’t make anything any easier because he’s awkward about everything and doesn’t like dealing with anything.

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Apparently, he finds out from Carter that she left her husband… so are they going to become a thing?

Also, now Benton and Carter aren’t in the ER as much but are working alongside another doctor in surgery… of course Benton thinks he’s better than everyone else now that he’s in surgery. But now the two of them are pretty much competing against one another and Carter is just that much more personable and just seems to know what to say so he’s been getting more surgeries. But what he does learn is that most doctors just want patients to be off their service, that they don’t really care about them and Carter hates that. I love how much Carter cares and I hope he doesn’t lose that. 

I also want to talk briefly about this patient they have who tried to commit suicide (also sidebar, because Carol tried to kill herself, now they decide to give her all those patients? Not sure how I feel about that… I get she can relate, but really?) anyways the girl tried to kill herself because she got pregnant… with her brother’s baby. Then on top of that their father overhears when Carol is talking about it out in the open. Lord, the dad has a gun and gives it to Carol… I wonder if we’ll get closure to that. It’s quite scary.

So Mark gets a call from a hospital in Milwaukee telling him his wife and daughter were in an accident. So he rushes over, his daughter is ok, more so his wife. He finds out she was in the car with another guy and his daughter… only later for Mark to realize that his wife has been having an affair with this guy. I was crushed. Those two have been through so much, and now this. What I do like about this scene was that no one had to actually go out and say it, they both just knew and that I felt was both beautiful writing and beautiful acting.

Well Mark and Jennifer are officially getting divorced, that sucks. Their daughter Rachel is not taking well; I feel bad for her. This stuff can’t be easy.

ER - True Lies (1996) - Yvonne Zima fan Art (34520359) - fanpop

 Okay so now Jeanie’s husband is back wanting to get back together, thinking that the only reason they broke up was because he didn’t want kids, and all of a sudden he’s ready now. But we all know that it’s way more than that since he has no idea she cheated.

She also gets a, I wouldn’t say bad, but her review of her in the ER tells that she’s not cut out for the ER. I wonder if she’s going to stay.

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I like the backstory we’re starting to get on Doug. So his father was an abuser to him and his mother. Now his father is calling non-stop ever since he saw him on TV… but Doug isn’t ready to hear what he has to say. This explains a lot of why he is the way he is with the kids.

Well his father kept trying to call him, now he just shows up… on Doug’s birthday no less. Apparently all he wanted was money, what a waste. I’m glad Doug became a better person.

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Benton is really making his mark with the new doctor he’s been working with, I bet that makes him feel like a hotshot. So it’s a research project he’s working on with this doctor and of course he finds out that this doctor hasn’t been playing by the rules. Benton tries to do the right thing, that just gets him taken off the project. He goes to the Dean, but chickens out.

Mark has been having a day. So not only is his wife filing for divorce, but full custody of their daughter, claiming that Mark doesn’t try enough to see his kid. He’s a doctor though, you have to know that going in what you’re getting yourself into… those are my thoughts.

On top of that lawsuit, he has another lawsuit from season one and the dead mom… Bradley Witford’s character. Damn is that ever looming over his head. The hospital wants to settle but Mark doesn’t want to since it’ll be on his record. Ugh, talk about headache.

He’s also gotten really close with Susan, and now there are rumours at the hospital that they’re having an affair… I really hope that it doesn’t become true.

ER" Don't Ask, Don't Tell (TV Episode 1996) - IMDb

There’s this really big fire and Shep and his partner go in, even though they are equipped to go, and things get bad. Of course Carol is super worried about Shep, but he seems to be doing ok, it’s his partner and friend Raule who has third degree burns on 90% of his body. Knowing that he’s not going to make it is just very, very sad.

Carol Hathaway (1994-2000)

Doug has been seeing his father, and actually getting along with him. They make plans to go to a Bulls game, but when his father doesn’t show he realizes that his father isn’t going to change. That’s too bad.

Susan just gets everything finalized to adopt little Susie and Chloe shows up. No idea what she wants, but I’m hoping it’s not to take the baby. I have to admit Chloe looks good. Yup, Chloe wants the baby back. Ugh. This is so hard to watch.

jeanieboulet hashtag on TwitterSo this kid comes in after an accident, he’s been in before and Doug looked after him. When they re-look at his x-rays (or films as they call it on the show) Benton sees a tumour, which he knows Doug missed. Now it’s a deal about telling the family or not. Doug, Mark and the hospital agree to keep it from them because it does more harm to let them know, of course Benton doesn’t agree with that and he tells the family. W-o-w. Benton for the win, you asshole. See, he couldn’t tell the truth when it came to his career and that study, but it’s other people, he’s so ruthless.

Everything thinks he’s in the wrong… everyone but Jeanie… I’m really not liking her at all. You can feel the animosity between her and Carol, they do not like each other.

Mark is changing his look. He’s riding a motorcycle for one, he’s trying to grow a beard, and he got contact lenses. Poor guy is trying to move on.

I can’t forget about Carter, he got (I think) the placement he wanted, which is where he currently is. I always forget that most of these characters are still in school. So he gets really excited and goes to lunch for three hours and drinks champagne as if he wasn’t working. That almost gets him fired, but he somehow manages to save his ass.

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Damn, the episode where the ER is a complete zoo was fun to watch, and it really gives you a new appreciation for doctors. Just when you think that they can’t handle it Mark goes out and just assess everyone in the waiting room, most just turn out to minor cases that don’t need x-rays, or labs just a simple check. It was really fascinating to watch both Mark and Carter go at all these patients. 

Why 'The Good Wife' Is Making Us Watch 'ER' This Morning - The AtlanticWell hello Dale. He’s been matched (still not quite sure what that means) to the Chicago hospital from Boston, and he’s got a lot more surgery under his belt and that makes Carter jealous… that and he’s been with Harper. So the two of them spend a good day going against each other, Carter more so. In the end Harper ends up breaking up with Carter… well hot damn.

Speaking of relationships, I’m liking the woman that Mark is seeing. 

We’re also seeing this whole side of Shep we didn’t see before. He’s got quite the temper that one… I wonder what’s going to happen with he and Carol.

Quite the temper indeed, so much so that his new partner files a complain about a kid he throws across a room. Carol doesn’t know what to do as she has an interview as she’s a witness to it. She wants to be on Shep’s side, but she knows the truth; she pretty much lies, and you can tell much she hates herself for it.

ER - "Chicago Heat" - Cinema Cats

Then there’s Susan, man is she going through a rough time. So Chloe gets visitation rights, that turn into her being able to take little Susie away. Susan feels so lost now, like she’s lost her own child. It’s really heart wrenching to watch. She’s going to therapy; I hope that helps her.

I don’t understand the weird plot that Doug is going through. He goes to see his dad because he needs money, instead finds his (hot) boss, starts a relationship with said boss, she freaks out when he’s disappointed his father isn’t coming back, but when Doug is able to get the money from his mother, this weird Karen chick is all back to loving him? Man, what a weird relationship.

I don’t want to forget Jeanie because now I feel bad for her. Her ex-husband comes in and in the end they find out that he has AIDS. Well this turns her whole world around.

The season ends with so many emotions from sad to happy and everything in between; gosh this show just knows where to hit you in the feels.

So while Jeanie is getting tested for AIDS she has to tell Benton because they slept together. I completely forgot about that. Well then.

Carter graduates, but he misses his own graduation to be with a little girl patient who is afraid of dying. How sweet is that? He gets to choose which team he’s going to be on next year for his residency. At first he chooses the red team, but when he learns Benton is the blue team, he thinks about it, but ultimately wants to change. This whole budding friendship is really nice to see. The medical coat that Benton gives him is a nice touch, starting to really like these two.

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Oh damn! So Carol has quite the episode. First she admits to lying for Shep, then yells at him because he won’t get help, which he seriously needs. Then things escalate at work where patients can’t afford treatment so they leave without it and that really upsets her so she quits. Crazy! Then she goes home and sees Shep where she breaks up with him. Part of me is glad, but part of me is sad because she keeps ending up with people who don’t want to help themselves mentally.  

Speaking of relationships, Mark’s ex, Jennifer, tells him she’s getting married, wow that was fast.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Susan, but I’m hoping good things!

I’m curious to see where everyone is going to go next season.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… ER Season Two

  1. OMG YOU BROUGHT BACK ALL OF MY FEELS! I watched ER as it was broadcast originally… yes I’m old. I think I was like 11 or 12 when it first aired? 😅 And it was the first adult drama I ever really committed to watching. But damn it was some good telly. As I was reading your thoughts on what would happen I’m here like oooh wait until you see this happen, and then this other thing… I won’t say obvs because that’s mean and rude AF. I hate when people spoil stuff just because it’s been around a relatively long time. So just ahhhhhh it’s the best! I mean it got less good in like the last 2 or 3 seasons but it was always a gripping watch.

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    1. Aw, Emer I’m so happy that you enjoyed this post! 😊
      That sounds like me with Grey’s Anatomy 😂
      Ahaha I’ve seen all 15 seasons of the show. I’m only just posting all my thoughts now that I’ve finally seen it all to avoid spoilers when posting and finding images. I’ve done that in the past so I’ve learned haha! But I get what you mean about spoiling things. Feel free to tell me all your thoughts though!! I’d love to hear them. I loved this show and I was so sad when I finished watching it. But posting my wrap-ups is like reliving them all over again! 😊


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