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Weekly Update #11 πŸŽ©

Hello friends, happy Friday and welcome to my Weekly Update!

Currently Reading:

Image result for the dead zone
On page 210
Hero: Amazon.ca: Grant, Michael: Books
On page 270

The Dead Zone: I’m 39% of the way through; this is still really slow going. King gives us just enough to keep us engaged and to keep going, but it’s taking forever to get to the real meat and potatoes of the story.

I’m lastly reading Hero by: Michael Grant. I wasn’t sure I was going to read this but I knew that it would bug me if I didn’t read the final book, even if I didn’t like the book before this. So far, this has been an interested read and I’m invested enough to keep going.

What I’ve Read:

Take a Hint, Dani Brown: A Novel: Amazon.ca: Hibbert, Talia: Books
Pip Bartlett's Guide to Sea Monsters (Pip Bartlett #3) (3): Stiefvater,  Maggie, Pearce, Jackson: 9780545709323: Amazon.com: Books
All Together Now by Alan Doyle | Penguin Random House Canada

I finished quite a few books this week:

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by: Talia Hibbert. I think I loved this more than Chloe’s story, I found I related to Dani more, and Zaf, ugh they are so cute together.

Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Sea Monsters by: Jackson Pearce & Maggie Stiefvater. I wanted to enjoy this like I did the previous two, but this novel was kinda boring and really short so it didn’t really leave room for any sort of development.

All Together Now by: Alan Doyle. This is my second Canada Reads book and it was a fun, quick read of Canadian sing/songwriter Alan Doyle’s travels and being a Canadian rockstar growing up in Newfoundland.

Links to my my blog posts this past week:

Weekly Update #10 🍏

Review: This Savage Song

Review: Ever the Hunted

Links to posts I enjoyed around the blogosphere:

The Orangutan Librarian talked about the importance of knowing your reading type and I thought it was an great take on not only falling for the hype but reading other different opinions from your own

Zainab @Zainab Chats wrote a post on Black Lives Always Matter which is important to acknowledge

Marie @Drizzle & Hurricane Books wrote such a great post on how to write a blog post people will read this was such a lovely read

Kal @Reader Voracious wrote a great piece on why she loves morally grey characters and I thought it was such a fun read

Now that lockdown has eased slightly from red zone to a grey zone here where I live, stores have opened up with limited capacity. This let my mum and I return some of the things we bought online. I tried to buy a new comforter in January online (yes I know πŸ˜‚) so I was able to finally give it back. We hit quite a few stores and my anxiety totally kicked in but I’m doing okay.
My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by the news that came out of the US this week. It was so inexcusable and tyis violence needs to end!
As I mentioned last week, my work is shifting to agile workshift which means everything I have at my desk needs to be brought home/thrown out and today (I actually just got back) I went in to clean it all out. It was very bittersweet. Now I have a duffle bag and a box full of stuff sitting on my bedroom floor. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to with it it and find a place for all my shoes! πŸ˜‚

A few positives from this week:
– saw my coworker and friend for the first time in person for the first time in a LONG time!

What I’m watching:

Gilmore Girls; season 5. I watched You Jump, I Jump, Jack – which is an iconic episode – and I finally get how good it is. I never really got why it was so iconic, but I do now. This was Rory seeing that she and Dean come from different worlds and she accepts the world she’s in… the world her mother didn’t want. Also we obviously get more Logan… and I’m not hating it!

One Tree Hill; season 4. I feel like I want to go back and write an essay on each episode and pick them all apart, but I will refrain. I really like Peyton’s real brother Derek, I loved watching him care for her and ensure she’s safe. His tough love in the beginning I didn’t like, but he comes around. I wish we got more of him. Seeing Peyton and Lucas together used to make me happy now I’m like okay. And omg the Clean Teens I forgot about them and AH Chase has made his appearance, I love Chase.

Riverdale; season 5. Yes, I’m back on my bullsh*t watching the new season of this. So, I know this show isn’t written well but this season… wow they just gave up, like utterly gave up; everything is rushed or just doesn’t make sense.

Kim’s Convenience; season 5. I loved how I barrel-laughed at this week’s episode; this show knows how to be subtly funny and I love that. The whole haunted sweater plot was great!

This Is Us; season 5. This show seems to come back every other week. This week felt really emotionally raw and filled with so many worries, especially about money, and I enjoy seeing where they take the characters.

Schitt’s Creek; season 3. I’m so close to finishing this season, but I don’t want it all to end too soon. Alexis going to high school is an interesting plot.

Station 19; season 4. I’m sitting here going I NEED the next episode. So Vic has this new man in her life and they have such a meet cute and I’m enjoying it, but the preview for the next ep, Travis seems to know him and I have SO many questions. I also like how they keep the conversation going with people of colour and the cops who are racist as hell.

Grey’s Anatomy; season 17. Will Meredith wake up or not? I’m kinda getting tired of the will she, won’t she. I like the tribute they have for one of the character’s who died. So bittersweet.

What I’ve watched:

Orange is the New Black; season 1. I finally finished the first season, I feel like it’s been a long time coming. I enjoy the characters, I love when we get to see their backstory, it really gives us a full picture of each character. I think my fave character is Claudette because she’s so misunderstood, yet she wants everyone to think she’s tough, she is tough, but she’s actually really soft too. I find Piper wish-washy, her fiancΓ©, Larry annoys me and her past lover Alex I like her for the most part. I’m so curious where season 2 is going to go because that ending!

My latest Instagram posts from this week:

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