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Review: Star Daughter

Hello friends, happy Wednesday, I hope everyone is well. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Shveta Thakrar’s novel Star Daughter.

Star Daughter

Star Daughter by: Shveta Thakrar: Sheetal knows she’s a half star, but living in the mortal world she must hide it. When she accidentally burns her father with her fire, only a full star’s blood can save him. She makes it her mission to travel to the sky, the constellation Pushya, where she finds her mother and her mother’s family who have summoned her for their own personal gain. This novel was so delightful; it was such a comfort to read, like wearing a cozy blanket. The story was enchanting and the writing so whimsical. The plot was good, the reader was able to follow along and enjoy the conflicts that Sheetal kept running into. The ups and downs kept the reader going, as well as Thakrar’s writing. The world building was fun; Thakrar didn’t overwhelm the reader by info-dumping everything in a few chapters, instead she explained and described the world throughout the novel and the reader really enjoyed that. The romance plot didn’t take away too much from the main plot; it was a cute teen romance that entranced the reader. The characters were developed well, and watching them grow from beginning to end was captivating. The reader really enjoyed watching Sheetal fight for what she believes and grow as a character. The secondary characters were vital in helping Sheetal become who she is and they felt really real. Overall, this novel was fast-paced, full of action and completely magical.

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