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Review: Last Seen

Hello friends, happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Today I’m going to posting my review of Sara Shepard’s third novel in The Amateurs trilogy, Last Seen.

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Last Seen

Last Seen by: Sara Shepard: Brett has kidnapped Aerin; now Maddox, Madison and Seneca must band together one more time to track him down and stop him for good. But of course Brett throws a wrench in their plans by giving them another case of a missing kid to work on. The team think, find the kid, save Aerin; everything is a lot easier said than done, especially when they don’t have much time. This was a good ending to an already thrilling trilogy. Even though the ending was left open ended and these characters could come back, which the reader wouldn’t be mad about, it was also a good way to end the trilogy. The plots took so many twists and turns, hitting new highs and new lows that kept the reader guessing. The way the plots weaved into one another was really well done and the way Shepard tied all the stories together to create this thriller narrative was really good and kept the reader on their toes. The backstory we get into with the characters in this novel was exactly what the reader was looking for. This helped answer so many questions the reader had about the overall story arc and helped understand the characters better too. These characters were so dimensional and they’ve grown so much since the first book. Even though these novels are short, they all packed serious punches. This trilogy was so well written and thought out; it was a super-fast-paced and full of excitement until the very end.

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