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Review: A Sin Such as This

Hello friends, happy Wednesday! I hope everyone’s week has been off to a good start. Today I’m going to be reviewing Ellen Hopkins’ novel A Sin Such as This.

This is a sequel to her novel Love Lies Beneath, where you can read my review: Love Lies Beneath

A Sin Such as This

A Sin Such as This by: Ellen Hopkins: Tara thought husband number four was going to be the one, but when she starts to get suspicious of some of his habits and the people he still hangs around with she has to start taking things into her own hands. To add to the family drama, her younger sister, Melody, is having marital problems that lead back to Tara. This is the sequel to Hopkins’ novel Love Lies Beneath and it was entertaining, but slightly disappointing. The plot as a whole could have been executed better. The majority of this novel was spent with the characters and getting to know them better; then the novel ended on this banger of a twist that wrapped up in a couple of short chapters. It felt like Hopkins dragged the reader through a novel only to end it really quickly and it felt unsatisfying. The twist was good, but the explanation to everything felt too rushed and not explained well. Hopkins did do a good job of creating really flawed characters and really diving deep into their stories and backstories. All of her characters, whether main or secondary, were created well and they all served a purpose, which the reader enjoyed. The way this ended, aside from being too hasty, felt very final and that’s what the reader was missing from Love Lies Beneath, that novel didn’t feel like it closed the story off, but this one did and that at least felt satisfying to read. Overall, this was an alright sequel that let the reader get to know these characters even better.

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