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Review: Origin

Hi friends, happy Monday, I hope everyone’s New Year has started off well. My first review of the new year! Today I’m going to be reviewing Origin by: Dan Brown.

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Origin by: Dan Brown: Robert Langdon’s former student and life-long futurist friend, Edmond Kirsch, has scheduled a life changing revelation to the age old questions, “where do we come from? and “where are we going?”. But when he is assassinated before his presentation can go live, Robert, with the help of the future Queen of Spain Ambra Vidal, and a super computer named Winston, the three work to ensure the presentation still goes live as planned. This was a bit of a rollercoaster of a novel, as most novels that surround Robert Langdon are. The reader could feel the suspense of the story on every page. The plot was definitely intriguing and the way the chapters were so short made the reader want to continue reading and to understand what was going on. As this is a work of fiction, the whole revelation, which the reader didn’t think would be revealed at all, is pure fiction. But the way that Brown crafts his work made it feel very plausible that what he wrote about could be real and one day happen. The fact that he also bases all his stories around facts and true events gives his writing another layer and makes his stories that much more believable. The characters were very fleshed out; they felt like they could be real people. The super computer, Winston was a great addition and the reader really enjoyed seeing him interact with humans and gain more human traits as the novel went on. The way this ended wasn’t exactly how the reader thought it would end. When it’s revealed who was behind everything and the one who started it all, the reader felt disappointed and kinda put a damper on how the reader perceived the novel. This was still a well written and very clever novel filled with twists and turns that the reader never saw coming.

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