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Review: Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Hi friends and welcome to Monday! Today I’m going to be posting the third book in Lara Jean’s story, Always and Forever, Lara Jean by: Jenny Han.

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Always and Forever Lara Jean

Always and Forever, Lara Jean by: Jenny Han: Just when Lara Jean thought she had it all planned out, she realizes that maybe she doesn’t. When her plans change on the college she’s going to in the Fall, all her plans start to unravel and she wonders what kind of future she has with Peter. The conclusion to Lara Jean’s story was just so sweet and so humbling; that doesn’t mean the journey there was because this novel took so many dips, twists and turns the reader wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Like the previous two novels before this one, this was just as engaging and swoon-worthy. The overall story arc was super relatable, but it was the little plot twists that kept being thrown at Lara Jean were what made this novel as good as it was. Han did an amazing job of showing how life doesn’t usually go how you plan it and that sometimes you have to make hard decisions because life is unpredictable. Senior year in high school is a very big deal to a teenager and Han captured it perfectly. The characters have grown so much since the first novel and it was fun to read and grow with them. It was also fun to watch Ms. Rothschild become a part of the story and see her character become part of the family. At first she felt out of place, but she soon warmed up to the reader. The way that Han ended her story by bringing the reader back to the beginning with the letter and tying everything together was brilliant. As much as the reader is going to miss this world, this felt like the perfect way to end Lara Jean’s story.

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