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Review: Another Day in the Death of America

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week has started off well. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Gary Younge’s book Another Day in the Death of America.

Another Day in the Death of America

Another Day in the Death of America by: Gary Younge: This book takes a look at ten different lives, all aged between nine and eighteen, in the span of twenty-four hours across America, the lives lost to gun violence. This wasn’t so much a book on gun control, but the lack of it and showcasing how young lives die every day because guns are so easily available in America. Younge personified gun violence by giving a voice to a small fraction of young people who die at the hands of guns. This book was moving, hard-hitting and just so poignant. Younge’s writing was so direct and straightforward. Even when just telling the facts, it was hard not to feel the emotion from these stories and Younge provided a good balance of facts and personal touches. His own personal stories also really drove home the stories he reported on. This was interesting to read about, especially from an outsider’s perspective, to America’s love for guns. It really makes the reader question why there isn’t some sort of law for gun control. Younge provides ample examples as to why it’s needed, besides what seems obvious to most. This was definitely a recommend read; it was fascinating, emotional, yet political read that really showcases gun violence in America’s youth.

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