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Review: With the Fire on High

Hi friends, it’s Monday – I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m going to be posting my review of Elizabeth Acevedo’s novel With the Fire on High.

With the Fire on HIgh

With the Fire on High by: Elizabeth Acevedo: Emoni loves to cook; it’s her passion. But when she gets pregnant freshman year she’s felt like she’s needed to hold back to make tough decisions for her family. Now that graduation looms in the distance, Emoni needs to start thinking of her own future and how to start achieving her dream of working in a kitchen someday. This novel totally swept the reader up in the story it was that enchanting. The reader couldn’t help but just want to continue reading it was so addicting and hard to put down. The fact that this novel had short chapters really moved the story along and had the reader flipping pages. Acevedo has a way with words and she let them flow captivating the reader. The overall story was so well told; the reader found themselves rooting for the main character and for all her dreams to come true because she deserved it. The descriptions of food and the recipes were also so fun to read and added this homey feel to the novel. The characters were so thought out and memorable. When the reader was reading about them they just felt very real and raw; the secondary characters really helped round out and flesh out the story by giving background to a world the reader wants to be a part of. This novel really opened up to the fact that tells anyone they can do anything they set their mind to, despite your circumstances or what you’ve been through, if you persevere and work hard you can achieve great things. It was such a delightful and inspiring coming of age read.

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