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Let’s Talk About… Fuller House Season Five

Hi friends, and welcome to TV Tuesday! Today I’m going to be talking about the fifth and final season to the Netflix reboot Fuller House!

Here we are, the final season of this show. I honestly didn’t think we’d see it so early. I thought they’d play it out a few more seasons, but I’m glad that they’re ending it… although if you ask me, 5 seasons was stretching it.

Of course this wouldn’t be a season without cheesy lines and dumb references to Full House… and recreating scenes from the original show.

Netflix Has Reportedly Dropped Lori Loughlin From Fuller House

They also spend a lot of time talking about how this is the end. Ramona has a line where she says she’s off to “go watch the last season of everyone’s favourite family sitcom” and I’m like ehhh we didn’t need that, but alright.

There are a few big things that happen this season, the first is Stephanie finally becoming a mom, which I actually liked seeing. After so many seasons of her not being able to have a baby herself it was nice to see her get this.

Then there’s the triple wedding; I honestly didn’t see that coming. I knew that Jimmy had proposed and I had a feeling Steve would propose because it would be very off-brand for the show if he didn’t, and I had a feeling Kimmy and Fernando would somehow tie the knot (again) but I didn’t quite see it the way it went down. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t want to share my wedding with two other people, even if it was my best friend and sister, but that’s this show – everyone loves everyone and wants to share the moments together.

Fuller House Squad GIF by NETFLIX

Lastly there’s everyone moving out of the house… I didn’t see that coming. I honestly can’t remember how Full House ended (did everyone [meaning Joey and Jesse] leave then too?). But after purchasing Uncle Monty’s Jimmy and Steph plan to move closer to the restaurant, and Kimmy and Fernando are going to be moving to Palo Alto to open another location. Seeing all the characters get sad that they’ll be leaving each other was actually sad to watch… okay most of it was really cheesy and I didn’t care for it but watching Ramona and Jackson realize they won’t be living together, that was actually a little heartbreaking. They’ve grown together and become as close as siblings which has been fun to watch.

jackson x ramona | Tumblr

So the season starts with Steph and Jimmy bringing their baby home from the hospital… and everyone is so obsessed with what she’s going to name the baby. Steph feels so much pressure because she knows the name has to have a lot of meaning. In the end (after the end of the first episode) she says that she’s naming the baby Daniella, after their dad, Danny, and middle name Jo, for their mom and she can have the initials D.J. just like her big sister.

fullerhouse | Tumblr

But what Steph doesn’t want from her big sister, is her help with her daughter so she hires a doula… only the doula is mega controlling and won’t let Steph do anything. This then has Steph admitting that DJ would probably have been better than the doula she hired.

Ramona ends up having a crush on her Postmates delivery guy, Ethan and that ensues Fernando to become overly protective.Fuller House': The Final Season, Part One | by Shain E. Thomas, M.Sc. | Harsh Light News | Medium

Fernando is having a mid-life crisis now that he’s retired from being a professional race car driver… and of course Ethan is such a huge fan because of course we have to relate everything.

Meanwhile, Steph is upset that Jimmy is always away working, missing their daughter grow up. She wants him to quit his job, but she also doesn’t want him to quit his job because they obviously need money because she’s no longer working.

DJ has this great idea to ask Steve to take Fernando and Jimmy out to lunch to talk to them, make them feel better… well that ends a little differently than any of them planned.

What Fuller house and the Conners got right and what they got wrong starting a business – Citizens for equal opportunity

When the three find out their favourite restaurant, Uncle Monty’s, is closing up shop, they decide this is the perfect time to buy it, with Steve as an investor. Of course they are in over their heads, but it only takes them a hot second before they figure it out and they’re doing just fine… as if they magically figured out owning a business.

Then remember Matt? The guy DJ could have ended up with… he’s still in the show a lot more than I thought he would be, but he shows up with Gia because they’re together… I always forget this… but they come over and announce that they’re now married. Damn. Rocky, Gia’s daughter is so unenthused about the situation. When we find out that Gia has been married 3 times before, this sorta explains why Rocky is the way she is.

Matt wants to be in her life and to be there for her, but of course he’s worried Rocky doesn’t want anything to do with him. So he tries to have a heart to heart with her and that really means something to her because she tells him that none of her past step-dads have ever wanted to be in her life. It was a really sweet moment and it made her rethink about how she feels about Jackson and the two of them get back together. Cute.

Fuller House 5x04 - Rocki bonds with Matt, gets back with Jackson - YouTube

Then DJ feels like she’s not connecting with Jackson so she starts to play video games in an attempt to do something with him… only Jackson starts playing with her online without knowing it. She uses this as an opportunity to get close to him where she finds out that he feels he can’t live up to his mom’s standards because Max is the favourite.

Max Fuller | Fuller House Wikia | Fandom

Speaking of Max, holy did he ever grow up this season; he’s now looking more like a young man than a little boy.

When Jackson and his mom “DoomBuggy” enter a gaming competition, they win and get to play in real life. Jackson is so excited to finally meet DoomBuggy… not realizing he’s starring right at her. DJ doesn’t know what to do, forfeit and upset Jackson, or tell the truth… and upset Jackson. Well, she goes with her gut and tells Jackson the truth… of course Jackson is angry, but in the end wants to play with his mom because she’s really good at the game.

Fuller House | Netflix Official Site

Now that Jimmy has his job together with the restaurant, Stephanie doesn’t know what she wants to do. It’s Steve who has a great heart to heart with her to tell her to do what she loves. This then gets her to write and perform a song for her daughter.

Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler (2019)

Then a few episodes later singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb shows up at DJ’s clinic, so DJ makes Steph come down to perform for her and Lisa offers Steph a place on her tour as an opener… which will mean that Steph will be away from her baby… the thing she didn’t like with Jimmy’s job. Interesting. Ah what the show did was send Steph on tour… with the baby. Although it didn’t feel like she was gone very long because she was in every episode she just all of a sudden comes back from tour… strange storytelling.

It’s DJ’s 40th birthday… which people keep taking shots at, so I Googled how old she is, the actress Candace Cameron Bure is 44 in real life… it’s only four years off and it’s her character turning 40 so I don’t get the snarky-ness of it.

But anyways, Steve plans this whole elaborate amazing race style game for her birthday… where it’s girls against the boys… in which Matt joins in again, which I find random.

Steve DJ Season 5 Kisses # #Kisses # in 2020 | Dj, Steve, SeasonsKimmy and Steph think he’s going to propose… only the big surprise at the end was Steve got the kids to dress up as boy bands and do a choreographed dance, oh and Steve named a star after them, which was really cute!

Then a few episodes later after Kimmy goes on a bunch of weird dates to see if Fernando is the one for her… after they have been married, divorced and engaged again for five years, Fernando asks DJ for advice on how to propose to Kimmy. This gets DJ’s mind spinning as she plans for the perfect proposal, not realizing she’s planning her own proposal.

I was SO confused on what was happening. Kimmy “breaks her foot” when they were trying to hide the whole proposal thing… so they change their act and create a musical in the street… my favourite, ugh… only then Joey and Jesse show up dancing, and Danny shows up, and then Steve shows up to propose.

The Perfect Way Netflix's Fuller House Season 5 Ended Before 2020 Return - CINEMABLEND

It was a cute proposal, a little flashy, but it was very on brand for the show. So now all three girls, DJ, Steph and Kimmy are getting married, they decide to have a triple wedding… of course they do.

This obviously entails a few episodes of wedding related things, like going to a bridal expo, which results in them getting into a fight about matching themes and wedding dresses; there’s an episode where the boys are trying on suits and again Max gets into an argument about the quality of the suits which results in them almost losing their tailor; there’s also an engagement party episode where it’s a game show and the winner picks the first dance song… which again leads to many fights about who knows who and the need to win. Again I say, a triple wedding is a good thing? But alas, they all come alive – somehow – the wedding is still on.

candace cameron bure GIF by Fuller House

We get hit with a few heartwarming scenes; DJ starts cleaning out her closet to make room for Steve to move in when she finds her late husband’s special occasions suit. Jackson sees it and is upset about it.

When Joey creates a special night for all the couples, Jackson doesn’t want to go. That’s when Steve has a good heart to heart with Jackson and he resizes the suit for him. I thought that was incredibly sweet; Steve is such a great guy!

Then we’re in preparation to meet Jimmy and Kimmy’s parents… who we’ve never met before. Kimmy gets so excited since she hasn’t seen her parents in decades, how crazy? But when a singing message shows up to announce they aren’t showing up, Kimmy is devastated.

It’s Joey, out of all people who has a great talk with Kimmy, telling her he feels privileged to have helped raise her and watch her grow up. He also tells her that they have something in common… the Tanner’s took both of them in when their family’s weren’t around. It was actually a really nice speech.

Fuller House Season 5 Episode 10

Then when Thanksgiving rolls around Danny, Jesse and Joey come back for a last “hurrah” dinner. The three of them get stuck in the freezer and end up having this great heart to heart (which was splattered with bad jokes in between) about how thankful Danny is to have had them in his life. Part of me wonders if they’re also talking about real life as they’ve worked together for a long time.

And they recreate Stephanie driving through the kitchen again… ehhh.

fuller house | TumblrThe WTF | Full house, Full house quotes, Michelle tanner

Ramona and Jackson are almost college bound (which I’m shocked at, they still seem 14 to me) and neither want to go to school in LA (or to school at all in some cases) so Kimmy and DJ take them on a campus tour… my god what a train wreck of an episode, but it did bring the kids closer to their moms which was actually really sweet.

Fuller House's Emotional Final Trailer Embraces The Past And Sets Up So Many Weddings - CINEMABLEND

I haven’t talked a lot about Max this season, but the guy goes through a bit. After finding out he can skip a grade and start middle school he’s super excited… that is until he’s picked on at school for wearing a three-piece suit. The next day he’s wearing shorts a t-shirt and saying “bro”. As much as we’ve known Max as this uptight, suit wearing guy, I liked seeing this side of him too.

How does 'Fuller House' end? Here's where everyone ends up - Insider

It’s Kimmy who, again of all people, who talks to him and tells him that being different is okay… then again she is the queen of being different.


And just for good fun time’s sake, Josh Peck makes another appearance when Jesse thinks his character, Ben’s kid is biting Pamela… turns out it’s actually Pamela biting herself because she likes band aids… kids are strange, but Peck’s character is funny and surprisingly memorable as he’s only been in two episodes.

How Did 'Fuller House' End? Netflix Airs Final Episodes

The series ends on the three weddings; we watch as the three couples get married; it’s a beautiful wedding. Of course things go wrong; the venue they had picked gets taken by the FBI so they decide to get married in the backyard and Joey McIntyre from the New Kids on the Block officiates the wedding.

Fuller House: Why There Are So Many Exes in the Series Finale | TG TIME

I like how quick it was and they didn’t linger too much on sentimental things. What made me laugh was the fact that they got actors from the past to come and be a part of it all just to bring them back.

After the wedding comes the big leave and it gets very teary… you’d think these people were never going to see each other again… and not moving to different cities in the state. They say their goodbyes… until they don’t. I don’t know why I’m surprised that they decide to stay instead, but they all decide to stay in the house. Then out of left field Steph announces she’s pregnant… which I’m like aw cute, miracle baby… but at the same time I’m like, did we really need that? This is just going to cause people to want more from this show.

Fuller House' Recap: Season 5 Episode 18 — Finale Ending Explained | TVLine

I thought that was a weird plot twist for the end, but it’s done.

Between the moments of “how am I still watching this?” there are actually some really nice heartwarming scenes too and that’s what makes it work for me. I didn’t need this show for its nostalgia, like many 80s babies did, but I did enjoy Full House when I watched it in full (seriously, no pun intended) back in 2014 and I wanted to see where they would take the show. They took this to a lot of places I didn’t expect and some exactly where I thought they would. It’s a cheesy show that I didn’t mind watching. I just please hope they don’t reboot it again…

Season 3 Dj Tanner GIF by NETFLIX

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