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Review: The Girl from the Well

Hi friends, happy Thursday. Today I’m going to be posting my review of Rin Chupeco’s novel The Girl from the Well.

The Girl from The Well

The Girl from the Well by: Rin Chupeco: Okiku was brutally killed centuries ago. Now left with that pain, she’s become a restless spirit who seeks those who take the lives of children, always getting her vengeance, until she meets Tark. This novel was super fascinating. The story gripped the reader and dragged them into this world. The plot was just the right amount of creepy that gave the reader goosebumps, but wasn’t too scary that it frightened them away. The overall story arc was captivating and the way that Chupeco writes, really captured the essence and the vibe of the novel. The characters were interesting and definitely compelling to read. Tark was this sweet kid who the reader was constantly curious about. Okiku was also this super interesting ghost character who brought a lot of tension to the novel. The secondary characters also helped to bring this eerie tale to life. This is definitely a novel for fans of horror.

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