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Review: Chain of Gold

Hi friends, welcome to Monday— I hope everyone is off to a good start to the week. Today I’m going to be reviewing Cassandra Clare’s novel Chain of Gold.

This is the first novel in Clare’s latest trilogy The Last Hours (or as I want to say her 1000th Shadowhunter book 😂)

Chain of Gold

Chain of Gold by: Cassandra Clare: Cordelia Carstairs has been training her whole life to be a Shadowhunter, but when her father is accused of a crime, she must flee with her brother to London to prevent ruining their family reputation. But in London, demon attacks begin to happen, unlike any they have seen before. Now, Cordelia with her new friends have to help take them down. Just like all Clare’s books, this one was no different. Capping in at just over six-hundred pages, this novel looks like it’s going to be a long read, but Clare has this way of making her novels so effortless to read that the reader flies through the story, without even realizing it. This novel was filled with lots adventure, unrequited love and strong female characters that it was more than enough to keep this plot going. The reader never knew where the story was going to go and each page was filled with twists and turns. The characters, many of them new, but a few regulars found their way among the pages which was fun. Clare’s books should start coming with a family tree so that the reader can trace back and figure out how everyone is connected because all her characters throughout her series are all related somehow, a tree would really help with the confusion. That aside, these characters were fun to read all with lavish backstories and personalities. The main character, Cordelia, was such a badass in her perseverance to be a Shadowhunter; it’s really nice to see all the female characters taking charge and being fighters, striving for what they want. Overall, this was an entertaining, fast-paced read and a good start to a series.

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