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Review: Endless Water, Starless Sky

Hi guys, happy Thursday! I hope you’re all doing well, and staying safe! I haven’t left the house (to go for a walk) today because I was stuck working, working, working, putting out fires, working through my lunch, then overtime. Today has been looong. Yesterday was so long I couldn’t even read because I was that wiped 😮

Today I’m going to be reviewing Rosamund Hodge’s novel Endless Water, Starless Sky.

You can read my review of the first novel in this duology, here: Bright Smoke, Cold Fire

Endless Water, Starless Sky

Endless Water, Starless Sky by: Rosamund Hodge: The walls of Viyara are still falling and Juliet is trapped doing Lord Ineo’s bidding unless she can find another way to protect Viyara from the dead who are rising. Romeo on the other hand, has found out that the love of his life is alive, but his actions are what killed her family. Now he must face death in order to redeem himself. This novel was fast-paced and had a lot going on, much like the first novel. Again, this left the reader a little confused as to what was going on because there was just so much going on. There were plots everywhere that it was hard for the reader to keep straight. It also didn’t help that there felt like there were all these characters and sometimes they went by one name, sometimes another and that left the reader disoriented as to who was who. This was still an interesting novel and the ending was really good, it ended things nicely and on a good note. Overall, it was a nice retelling of Romeo and Juliet, if only the plot hadn’t been so cluttered, this could have been a great retelling.

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